Lots of evidence coming out now of how the China in collaboration with US and British scientists helped create covid and intentionally spread it (read the telegraph piece of how a British scientist created covid and wanted to spread it)!!! In my view those scientists need the DEATH PENATLY for murdering millions of the most vulnerable and frail in our society. Not only have these scumbags killed so many people they have also tried to cripple our democracy and take away our freedoms with their shitty new normal. We need to send a message that this kind of thing will not be tolerated to stop other communists scum from trying this ever again. #Covid #China #Communists
JamEs: Fauci should also get the death penalty for his role in funding the Wuhan lab and then covering it all up.
My name is Nelson Mandela: Virologists suck and have no morals!!! 😡😡😡
farce: The reason why covid took everyone by surprise was because its not natural its a coronavirus that has been bioengineered with spikes to make it enter human cells. Covid has ruined so many peoples lives and to think that this was done deliberately is sickening to say the least. These people should not get away with it.