Just watched BBC news.. oh dear! Now the fake scientists are trying to use the flu to lock us all down again for winter. Saying that everyone will get bad flu and die because it hasn't been spreading as much. They said this exact same crap last year and flu never arrived. As long as people are sensible around old and vulnerable people and don't go coughing all over them everything will be fine. These fake Marxists scientist who CAUSED the pandemic all need to be shot. These communists are desperate to control our lives and take away our freedoms. #BBCNEWS #FAKENEWS #PLANDEMIC #COVID #COMMUNISTS
JamEs: @benjaminstyles yes your right and I am glad I don't think any country in the world can afford another lockdown. It wads a bit delayed but now as things are running out the real economic hit is starting because of lockdown and China messing things up.