First it was covid now China is messing up energy prices at a time when economies are struggling to get started again after the pandemic. I really do believe that China is deliberately causing the energy crisis by buying up as much gas as possible at silly prices just to further destabilize the west. China has no need to buy up so much gas from other countries when it has so much of its own natural resources. People really need to wake up and realize that we are at WAR with china and they started it!!! #China #WorldWar3
JamEs: Lets just hope America doesn't abandon Taiwan like it did with Afghanistan...
What's up buttercup: @benjaminstyles Yeah we would stand no chance even if things didn't go nuclear. Communist leaders/countries do not value human life and treat their people as cannon fodder so China wouldn't care how many die as long as they win. Civil war or a peasants revolt in China is the wests only hope.