Since this pandemic started I have lost all respect for the NHS. They are terrible and are ruining peoples lives! 😠

#nhs #covid19 #lockdown
talkingcat: The way that the NHS have abandoned everyone else with other health and even those with mental health problems is appalling. The NHS is an absolute disgrace😤
nelsonmandela: They made sure that they would be the first to get the vaccines though HAHA
yogurt: Whatever happened to DO NO HARM. These doctors and nurses are doing a lot of harm by forcing us into lockdown just because they are lazy and cannot cope at work oh boohoo!
The government are now floating the idea of immunization cards that will be handed out to those who have been vaccinated...this is extremely worrying to say the least. Having to be vaccinated just to get on with your life and do normal things :/ that is sooooo dodgy!!