So its the biggest day of strikes so far today with loads of lazy, entitled public sector workers refusing to work. Including job centre staff which is pretty ironic. If the government caves in and gives all these workers a pay rise its going to have such a huge negative effect on our economy. Taxes will go up and inflation will destroy everyone's savings. Whilst the self employed who cannot just ask for a pay rise will be left behind causing more poverty and with that more crime, worse health etc etc etc!!! FUCK YOU UNION COMMUNISTS!
Now that covid and all the nonsensical restrictions and lockdowns are done with the communists are trying to destabilize the west another way. Now we are going to have the biggest rail strike in 30 years thanks to a rail union boss who again like the covid fake scientists is a member of the communist party... Communists don't want anyone to have any fun ever this strike is going to scupper a lot of peoples holidays plans this post covid summer so we must kick these commie jerks out of the erm... planet!!! #RailStrike #Commies
Boris Johnson's scheme to send migrants to Rwanda is a con to trick brexit voters into voting for him again. It may sound a good idea until you read the small print. In the deal Rwanda will send more of its own refugees to the UK. Furthermore this scheme will cost the British tax payer hundreds of millions every year just to send a few hundred migrants to Rwanda. It is typical Boris Johnson CON policy just to get headlines and get votes. #BorisJohnson #ToryParty
Today Boris Johnson has said that he hasn't ruled out another having another lockdown because nothing off the cards. What a complete and utter jerk. Hasn't he heard that lockdowns don't work??? The proof is in the pudding lockdowns do nothing all they do is take away people freedoms, worsen other diseases as people don't get treatment and push peoples mental health over the edge...not to mention the disastrous economic effects. Boris Johnson would love to introduce lockdown/martial law again because it gives him unquestionable total control over the country again. It will allow him to remain in power and stop him getting pushed out after ruining the country for the past 2 years. #borisJohnson #lockdown #covid
The world just gets much worse when the democrats are in the Whitehouse it is a FACT! ISIS came along with Obama now the Soviet union is trying to come back under Joe Biden its ridiculous :/
No surprise that Amazon is selling pro Russian/soviet merchandise such as Z t-shirts and hammer and sickle flags. Amazon has zero morals at the end of the day. These bastards don't care that innocent people are being killed in Ukraine. Boycott this terrible greedy monopoly. #Amazon #Ukraine
What is happening in Ukraine is genocide. The soviet union needs to be crushed for good this time so it will never crawl from under its rock and keep emerging.
Pakistan is the latest cesspit to declare that it will be helping Russia. Any country that supports Russia and its genocide needs to be cut off totally from all trade from the west. Enough is enough. If it was up to me I would kick out all the Pakistani's from this country and replace them all with Ukrainians instead.
Silly Cow: Belarus needs to be cut off from the civilized world to because they are showing that they are savages and not civilized one bit.
President Zelensky of Ukraine is definitely showing the world what a leader should be like. He is showing up western leaders as the incompetent self serving corrupt cowards that they are.
If it looks like Ukraine is going to be lost then maybe Ukraine should send a couple thousand soldiers dressed in civilians clothing but armed to the teeth secretly to Moscow and let them do as much damage to the Kremlin as possible. Maybe wait a couple months in the wings and when Putin is out and about somewhere attack and shoot him dead. Its the least he deserves.