It is official Boris Johnson will impose vaccine passports at the end of September. This will mean that if you want to go anywhere where there are people such as concerts, nightclubs, pubs, restaurants etc you will need to be double vaccinated. This decision was made months and months ago so their is no science behind it just another dogmatic decision making from a bunch of communist professors and corrupt politicians wanting more control over peoples lives. Boris is also pushing for all children to be vaccinated even though Covid used to be a virus that just affected the most vulnerable and elderly... but now the communists have turned it into a disease that will kill you instantly if you don't do what they say. Boris Johnson is the worst prime minister in British history he is basically trying to be Xi Jinping. #BorisJohnson #Tories #politics #Covid
Feeling... crappy: So now we will have to share our what should be confidential medical records with a random bouncer outside a nightclub... WOW!
Here comes the pandemic tax RISES guys to pay for the NHS incompetence and their stupidly highly wages!!!

Boris Johnson is set to raise the national insurance tax by 1% despite saying in his election manifesto that he would not raise the national insurance rate at all. This tax rise is supposedly to pay for "social care" however no doubt the money will simply go towards paying for health professionals huge public sector wages and pensions and will do nothing to actually help anyone. Furthermore raising national insurance will hit the young poor people the most as well as small businesses wanting to hire new people. The fact of the matter is that Boris Johnson is an incompetent corrupt liar who said anything to get into power now he is just doing whatever the hell he likes! Hopefully the fat bastard has a heart attack soon!

#BorisJonhson #Tories
farce: Even the Labour party has said that they wont vote for this tax rise in the houses of commons... that means Boris Johnson is even further left than the labour party!!! 😆
So the Afghan war has gone from trying to improve Afghanistan and the lives of the people who live there to abandoning everything and accepting unlimited refugees from Afghanistan so they can ruin our society even more instead. Great.
What's up buttercup: Yerp they are just gonna bring their problems over here now😒
Feeling... crappy: I heard on BBC news some moron say that it will be good for our culture to have all these refugees come in... yeah because their culture really worked out well for them 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️
IMO Putin is 100% following the lead of Jinping after seeing what he "achieved" in China and is now cracking down on freedom and democracy. Luckily the people of Russia are more westernized and less robotic than Chinese people so I doubt Russia will ever turn back into Soviet Russia again no matter how hard Putin tries Russia would certainly break out into civil war before then. What does everyone else think?
JamEs: Yes putin has definitely started ramping up his crack downs on free speech or anything not pro putin.
Well I guess summers over then. RIP!
The Taliban wont help the west fight ISIS-k in Afghanistan because the k in ISIS-K is named after a Taliban leader.
Benjamin Styles: Sounds like a punk rock band when they use that abbreviated lettering.
Alien boy: @benjaminstyles yeah I guess it does lol. If they keep putting K's at the end they will end up being the ISIS-KKK which would be a weird thing indeed.
In news today a radio host has died after taking the AstraZeneca covid vaccine. There is a risk to taking the vaccines. People should always have the freedom of choice of what is right for them. They should not have their freedoms taken away if they don't get vaccinated. ALOT of people dying from covid are obese why aren't they getting their freedoms taken off them until they lose weight instead because it was their CHOICE to be fat so why should we get our choices taken off us because of that??? #Covid #vaccines #FREEDOM
America desperately needs strong leadership for the sake of the world and that isn't in the form of bloody Kamal Harris. The #METOO movement isn't going to stop china from nuking everyone!
Joe Biden has really messed up BIG TIME!!! He has basically wasted 20 years of of sacrifice in Afghanistan and $2 trillion by pulling out in the way he has done. Now the Taliban and the rest of the terrorists will simply grow stronger and stronger and we will see more terrorism in the west as a direct result of this. When you have got people clinging onto the side of airplanes and falling to their deaths because they are so desperate to get out of the country you know how evil the Taliban are. The Taliban should never be considered a legitimate government but now the Biden administration seems willing to accept them as one.

#Taliban #Politics #Afghanistan #Biden
Benjamin Styles: The silver lining here is that Americans are (for once) united in their dislike of how Biden handled this. Both Democrats and Republicans are openly calling out the administration on this.
Cuomo loves the LGBT community apparently. How bizarre to add that into your resignation speech.
Benjamin Styles: Brownie points. I doubt Cuomo intends to just give up on the political life and he's hoping to redeem himself as soon as possible so he can start anew.
Alien boy: @benjaminstyles Yup! Book first then he might try to become an anchor on some obscure news channel or something and then work himself back up.