This plandemic has been just one big pay day for commies, fraudsters and corrupt politicians. Covid lockdown and restrictions were of no benefit at all. A study has found that covid lockdowns and restrictions only reduced the mortality rate by 0.2% but increased mortality rates of other diseases by alot more. £8.7 billion has been wasted by our government on garbage PPE that they have not used. Billions more has been wasted on furlough fraud with tax payers money being given to scammers setting up fake companies etc etc. The government response for this is to write it all off. Boris Johnson has even blocked an investigation by the national crime agency who wanted to investigate this fraud. We are run by crooks who will take our freedoms off us with a click of their fingers just so they can make big bucks!

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Donald Trump gave his wages as President away because he was rich enough and was there to actually make a change. According to Dominic Cummings who was Boris Johnsons former chief advisor Boris plans to quit being prime minister in a few years because all through the plandemic he has been whining about how £150k a year isn't enough for him and he wants to get back to "having fun and making lots of money". He is a dreadful corrupt little man with zero integrity or honour who sees politics as a way to get rich quick scheme.

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Did you know that the a top Government SAGE adviser Professor Susan Michie, from the University College London has been a member of the British communist party for 40 years (once nicknamed “Stalin’s nanny” because she tried to smuggle Communist literature into a political conference in a baby’s pram) and has claimed that social distancing and wearing face masks should last FOREVER. It so unbelievable but true... look it up if you don't believe me.

People need to wake up these so called scientists are FULL BLOWN COMMUNISTS!

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Double standards or what. The latest revelations that the health sectary Matt Hancock has been having an affair during lockdown and breaking his own stupid social distancing laws really takes the mick. If Matt Hancock is making laws that mean people get arrested by the POLICE for breaking pathetic social distancing yet he himself in secret is breaking the same laws then why should we obey them! Grand parents haven't been allowed to hug their grand children in a whole year but Matt Hancock is allowed to do whatever the hell he likes.

It is obvious that even Matt Hancock does not even believe in the threat of covid and he is the Health secretary. The covid restrictions and social distancing is simply a means of controlling the peasants like in Communist China.

It is one rule for us and another one for them! We need to get rid of these corrupt hypercritical, communist china puppets once and for all.