The G7 have unveiled plans for a $40,000,000,000,000 global "green" infrastructure project. The great economic reset is here. They have taken away all of our freedoms and now they plan on reshaping the world the way they see fit! #Plandemic #Covid #Communists
yapyap: More gender neutral and feminine according to comrade Boris Johnson 🙃
yogurt: Money is totally worthless now.
Feeling... crappy: Who voted for this? This isn't how democracy works.
People need to think about lonely people more who have spent the past year and a half isolated and alone. This lockdown "limbo" new normal that these fake scientists have created is unacceptable and no way to live! #Endlockdown #Covid #PLANDEMIC
Fake doctors such as Dr Shaun Fitzgerald who are making PROFITS from the pandemic should not be allowed to advise the government. #Endlockdown #SCAM
Bingo Wings: He isn't even a real doctor he is an engineer!!!! How can we let ourselves as a country be directed by corrupt profiteering scumbags like this. We have lost our freedoms and everything we must fight them to get them back.
Dr Shaun Fitzgerald is a SCAMMER! Dr Shaun Fitzgerald who is part of the governments SAGE advisory group appeared on the bbc news today talking about how restrictions such as social distancing wearing face masks blahablah should continue and argues that until the whole world is VACCINATED we are not safe.

However if you search his name you will find out his real AGENDA and motives. Dr Shaun Fitzgerald is the co-founder and Chief Executive Officer at Breathing Buildings. He is making huge profits from from covid restrictions through making businesses "covid" safe through ventilation systems. Of course he will come up with any excuse to keep covid restrictions going because he is making big bucks from it all. He is not there to save lives but to enrich himself. Next time some so called doctor or scientist appears on tv you should always research them DO NOT take what they are saying as scientific fact even if the government are. #ShaunFitzgerald #scam #Covid #Plandemic
Bingo Wings: I guess the BBC news cannot point this out otherwise it would put into question their entire years worth of reporting on covid19 using these frauds as their expert opinions.
Professor Neil Fergusson is evil.

A recent study has found that 8 out of 10 people now have antibodies for covid 19 in the UK and there is no evidence at all to suggests that we are going to have another wave. However the fake and really creepy lipstick wearing scientist Professor Neil Fergusson is warning of a "substantial" third wave. He has no DATA for this. Covid deaths have been super low for MONTHS now. Professor Neil Fergusson is simply a sadist who just want to cause more suicides. He needs stopping.. at least banned from appearing on tv spouting such unproven and potentially dangerous nonsense.

I know I go on about these scientists a lot but that is because they keep on appearing on tv relentlessly and feel as though I have to speak out about it because what they are doing is destroying peoples mental health. I will carry on calling out these evil sadistic scientists every time they appear on tv because it is not right what they are doing. #NeilFergusson #covid #pandemic
Don't let these marxist FAKE scientists take away your hope. If you are struggling with lockdown and restrictions then DONT DO IT. Your mental health and wellbeing should come before a bunch of suppositious marxist crap. #Endlockdown #covid
The WHO are saying that the UK wont be safe from covid until 80% of the global population have been fully vaccinated. This is absolute RUBBISH from an organization that conspired with the Chinese communist party to allow the virus to spread in the first place. This constant push to get everyone even young people who are not even mildly affected by the virus vaccinated is nothing more than DRUG PUSHING. Until we start ignoring and criminally charging these FRAUD scientists we will never be free again. #Covid #PLANDEMIC #ENDLOCKDOWN
Professor Ravi Gupta is behind the push to delay ending lockdown until EVERYBODY in the country has had 2 full doses of covid vaccine. Today he appeared yet again on BBC news trying to push for lockdown to not be eased and to have even more restrictions! I have no doubt that Ravi Gupta is a drug pusher being paid by the vaccine companies to do this. Even though he has no evidence (In fact one of the excuses from the scientists on delaying lockdown is that they need more data) he persists on spreading fake news about new variants and third waves. The truth is that we are seeing less deaths and less serious cases than ever. Lockdown is causing more harm than good but scum like Ravi Gupta know this but don't care about pushing people under the lockdown bus.

Why doesn't this cow worshiping marxist just get back on his magic carpet and fly off back to India!

#RaviGupta #FAKENEWS #Covid #Endlockdown
What's up buttercup: Yes we are seeing a big third wave of virus in the form of so called scientists appearing on news. They are so scared that their new world order may start to crumble so need to claw it back.
Feeling... crappy: These Professors are ruining everything. We need to fight for our freedom and if these professor want to get in the way of that then they better live with the consequences or rather not.
farce: This whole plandemic is really getting on my nerves now. These professors are really stupid they don't have security like politicians do and they are pissing off ALOT of people and causing a lot of mental illness out there with their lockdowns. Dickheads like ravi gupta will get what they deserve soo enough.
yapyap: He is a liar.
yogurt: That indian bud bud talks a load of crud!
Professor Adam Finn is another liar who is wanting to keep everybody in lockdown forever. Appearing on BBC news Professor Adam Finn is spouting more dribble about how were all doomed if we unlock blahblahblah. Lockdown is having a worse effect upon people health than covid. Covid is such a benign viurs that mostly only the elderly and most vulnerable get seriously ill and only because it is a NEW virus. The most vulnerable have now been vaccinated and exposed to Covid so it no longer has the surprise element it once did hence you will never get huge waves again. These Marxist liars such as Professor Adam Finn should be ignored totally. If it was up to them we would never get out of lockdown. #AdamFinn #Covid #Endlockdown
So called "Doctor" Chaand Nagpaul CBE Chair of the Council of the British Medical Association needs to be struck off. He is a liar. Appearing on the news he is advocating keeping lockdown and restrictions forever saying that we don't want to lose the gains that we have made in the last months... It is obvious that he is not a real doctor at all. He is not thinking about the wider picture or about saving lives. He is deliberately ignoring the destruction and death that lockdown and restrictions are having and wants to keep everyone controlled and restricted forever. #ChaandNagpaul #Covid #FAKE