COP26 is a complete flop already. What is the point of it all if the biggest polluter China isn't even bothering to turn up. All what is going to happen is Joe Biden and the rest of the morons are going to come up with more ways to restrict our lives whilst china carries on doing what it does. COP26 just means china's economy will grow stronger whilst our economies grow weaker.

As for climate change...I don't believe it is real but I do believe pollution is a real thing that can cause health problems so cleaning up the air is a good idea but thats not the focus of cop26... We need proper scientists to create better technology to stop pollution and improve air quality etc.. not these fake one "academic" ones that don't do anything other than come up with more reasons why we need communism and more government controls.
Matt Hancock is now out now we have some Muslim man as health secretary now vowing to end the pandemic and get things back to normal as soon as possible... PROOFS IN THE PUDDING. Politicians words mean nothing during this pandemic. I will believe it when we get our freedom back and no new lockdowns.
Double standards or what. The latest revelations that the health sectary Matt Hancock has been having an affair during lockdown and breaking his own stupid social distancing laws really takes the mick. If Matt Hancock is making laws that mean people get arrested by the POLICE for breaking pathetic social distancing yet he himself in secret is breaking the same laws then why should we obey them! Grand parents haven't been allowed to hug their grand children in a whole year but Matt Hancock is allowed to do whatever the hell he likes.

It is obvious that even Matt Hancock does not even believe in the threat of covid and he is the Health secretary. The covid restrictions and social distancing is simply a means of controlling the peasants like in Communist China.

It is one rule for us and another one for them! We need to get rid of these corrupt hypercritical, communist china puppets once and for all.

Alien boy: Im sooooooooo glad Matt Hancock is now gone!
If freedom is negotiable/conditional then its not freedom.

Cruel, Unreasonable, or arbitrary use of power or control.

Check out the Hungary vs Portugal football match. Massive crowds, no lockdown. That's what we like to see.
People need to think about lonely people more who have spent the past year and a half isolated and alone. This lockdown "limbo" new normal that these fake scientists have created is unacceptable and no way to live! #Endlockdown #Covid #PLANDEMIC
Fake doctors such as Dr Shaun Fitzgerald who are making PROFITS from the pandemic should not be allowed to advise the government. #Endlockdown #SCAM
Bingo Wings: He isn't even a real doctor he is an engineer!!!! How can we let ourselves as a country be directed by corrupt profiteering scumbags like this. We have lost our freedoms and everything we must fight them to get them back.
Dr Shaun Fitzgerald is a SCAMMER! Dr Shaun Fitzgerald who is part of the governments SAGE advisory group appeared on the bbc news today talking about how restrictions such as social distancing wearing face masks blahablah should continue and argues that until the whole world is VACCINATED we are not safe.

However if you search his name you will find out his real AGENDA and motives. Dr Shaun Fitzgerald is the co-founder and Chief Executive Officer at Breathing Buildings. He is making huge profits from from covid restrictions through making businesses "covid" safe through ventilation systems. Of course he will come up with any excuse to keep covid restrictions going because he is making big bucks from it all. He is not there to save lives but to enrich himself. Next time some so called doctor or scientist appears on tv you should always research them DO NOT take what they are saying as scientific fact even if the government are. #ShaunFitzgerald #scam #Covid #Plandemic
Bingo Wings: I guess the BBC news cannot point this out otherwise it would put into question their entire years worth of reporting on covid19 using these frauds as their expert opinions.
Professor Neil Fergusson is evil.

A recent study has found that 8 out of 10 people now have antibodies for covid 19 in the UK and there is no evidence at all to suggests that we are going to have another wave. However the fake and really creepy lipstick wearing scientist Professor Neil Fergusson is warning of a "substantial" third wave. He has no DATA for this. Covid deaths have been super low for MONTHS now. Professor Neil Fergusson is simply a sadist who just want to cause more suicides. He needs stopping.. at least banned from appearing on tv spouting such unproven and potentially dangerous nonsense.

I know I go on about these scientists a lot but that is because they keep on appearing on tv relentlessly and feel as though I have to speak out about it because what they are doing is destroying peoples mental health. I will carry on calling out these evil sadistic scientists every time they appear on tv because it is not right what they are doing. #NeilFergusson #covid #pandemic