So the government have destroyed the economy forcing businesses to shut and wasting BILLIONS on giving free money to millions of people who meet the government criteria and think deserve free wages, by buying billions of items of PPE that doesn't even work, buying hundreds of millions of Vaccines doses that they plan on giving away to Africa.. and the list goes on.

The government now plans on crippling the businesses that have survived all of this by rewarding them with higher taxes and raiding savers bank accounts. Rishis Sunak is expected to announce these things in his next budget on Wednesday.

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In the press briefing today Professor Jenny Harris who looks like a wicked witch said that even if grandparents have had their vaccine they shouldn't hug their grandchildren.

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Freedom Fighter: Yep she is a cold hearted witch. I remember at the start of lockdown when a reporter asked her about people who live in another household away from their partners what they should do and she just cackled that it would be a good test for their relationship.
farce: It really isn't right when we have government telling us who we can and cannot hug :/
What's up buttercup: what a...
Covid19 is a weapon aimed at the western middle classes. Third world countries with massive populations that provide the establishment with slave labour such as India and china are not even being affected by the plandemic however most rich western countries with have been crippled by it. Social mobility through capitalism is one of the biggest threats to the establishment. Covid19 acts as a great reset that destroys the middles classes and leaves behind mass employment and poverty ideal for the establishment to exploit and make us all their slaves like in china and India.

Covid19 is just one big hoax aimed to reset the economy and make the establishment richer and even more powerful. #covid19 #hoax
farce: I 100% agree. This covid19 hoax is attempt by the establishment to reset the economy so we will all be on the breadline and at the mercy of the rich and powerful. This has always been the Tories aim to destroy the middle class and to dismantle and control capitalism and the economy.
You only have to watch the cricket on tv England vs India to see that covid19 is just a hoax for the western countries.
There are crowds and crowds of people in the stadium watching the cricket not social distancing or anything like that and India is still India (slums, no working toilets, zero sanitation cows walking around everywhere) and is coping better than all other western nations.

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The world health organization is run by commies.

crappy: I wanna cough in all their faces 🗣
Just been watching the news and some scumbag called Andy Pattison who works for the world health organization was bragging about how they work with big tech companies and have meetings with them multiple times a week to help them censor misinformation and conspiracy theories.

Boris Johnson sucks: How very political of the WHO to do this. It is very frowned upon even for a government to do this.
dog: The WHO needs breaking up and all these crackpots needs locking up for mass murder.
What's up buttercup: Who made the who in charge?
talkingcat: Well china loves censorship.
Professors should get a real job. Getting paid to think is not a job.
Benjamin Styles: A better strategy, I think, would be to concentrate on getting Americans to stop believing that you need a four-year degree to get ahead in life.
Bingo Wings: @benjaminstyles Yes that way there free meal ticket ends and young people aren't getting brainwashed by marxists and getting into massive debt (how ironic).
According to Foreign sectary Dominic Raab Government not ruling out vaccine "passports" where you cannot go into public places such as shops, pubs restaurants etc etc without proof that you have had the vaccine. That really is dodgy ground and another step close to the Chinese social credit system. Thanks fake conservative government.

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Who cares about lockdown party likes its 1999! 🥳
These so called scientists will always have some sort of "crisis" lined up for us all to enjoy. If its not covid19 then it will be a new variant, climate change or some other made up problem. But the one thing that all of these crisis's have in common is that people are deemed responsible and the problem and in order to fix things we all need to accept changes and restrictions to our lives to sort them out.

The reality is that these scientists are not scientific at all. They base things not on quantifiable and measurable facts but on their own judgements and "expert" opinions and use fake science as a weapon to override democracy and push through their world view and Marxism.

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What's up buttercup: Give a Marxist an inch and they will take everything. I do hope there is a backlash against university professors and they get what they deserve.
Boris Johnson sucks: Real scientists would have came up with a real solution already rather than telling everyone to hide in their basements forever. Just like all communists they lack imagination, innovation and souls.