Happy new year! 2022 hopefully will be much better than the last 2 years which have sucked so much. Remember if you have an election this year to vote with the pandemic in mind. We must purge our governments of the totalitarian prats who that have plagued our lives for 2 years dont let them get away with it.
Boris Johnson has announced today that everyone will need a vaccine passport (proof you are fully vaccinated) to get into nightclubs etc by the end of September. He has also said that he's not ruling out more restrictions and future lockdowns. I really want to punch him in his fat blubbery face right now!!!!! #ENDLOCKDOWN #Covid19
The G7 have unveiled plans for a $40,000,000,000,000 global "green" infrastructure project. The great economic reset is here. They have taken away all of our freedoms and now they plan on reshaping the world the way they see fit! #Plandemic #Covid #Communists
yapyap: More gender neutral and feminine according to comrade Boris Johnson 🙃
yogurt: Money is totally worthless now.
Feeling... crappy: Who voted for this? This isn't how democracy works.
farce: Infrastructure projects have always been great ways for corrupt politicians to makes lots of money. This is the biggest opportunity history for them to become trillionaires!
I worry about my savings now we have a full blown communist in power... Is it the right time to buy gold or is it too expensive at the moment? Anyone got any suggestions on how I can basically safeguard against this deliberate collapse of the Uk economy????????
Virologists are basically Marxists masquerading as scientists! They view people as the virus and their whole job is to think of ways to control people 🤪 and just like Marxists/Stalinists they really don't care if more people DIE through their measures of control than from the virus and we are seeing this right now as more people are dying from suicide than covid19!!!!!!!!!! #Virologists #Marxists #Covid
I hope that Belgium guy who's gone Rambo will be okay and manages to get away!
Bingo Wings: @benjaminstyles This military trained soldier has declared war on the virologists and their is a big manhunt in Belgium to try to get him just because he has vanished in the forest with a load of rocket launchers and sub machine guns. This is what happens when they push people mental health too far.
So now they have another convenient excuse to keep us all controlled and restricted now its the new Indian variant😤 What a load of garbage. So according to these scientists own logic then I guess restrictions, lockdowns and vaccines obviously don't work if a year+ and we are being set right back to the start again. We obviously need a different way of dealing with this virus that is so benign most people don't even know they have it. I'm sick of all this propaganda and fake science🥱 Enough is enough! #endlockdown #covid
Bingo Wings: @benjaminstyles I don't know maybe something is spreading but because it is an overcrowded slum country with a billion people in it diseases that are easily treated in western countries like diarrhoea can kill in those countries if not treated right. Hindu politicians and “gurus” are telling people to drink cow urine and wipe cow dung on themselves to cure themselves of diseases so it is no wonder that people are dying. Its a bit like our equivalent of politicians allowing covid patients into care homes... yes covid is very benign and kills only a few people but if you put it in the right conditions aka rooms full of the most frail people there will be deaths. All this should not mean lockdown the entire country and strip away everyone's freedoms it just should mean protect and use all the resources needed for those who die of these things. This is my opinion anyway.
The UK is an absolutely unbearable place. The UK has always been an utter crap hole that's why so may people escaped to America all those years ago and things still haven't gotten any better. We have no freedom, no civil liberties and are religiously persecuted. Thanks to by a bunch of liberal far left nut jobs who are determined on filling the country up to the brim of Muslims, gays, trannies and communists but the tragic things is most brits are letting this to happen!!! This pandemic is certainly the last straw for me I cannot stand this place anymore I have to leave for the sake of my sanity.
Bingo Wings: @benjaminstyles Its hard to workout what country now is best place to go to... its like just about all western countries democracy have been replaced with progressive Marxism politics that you are not even allowed to question and the only difference in the political parties is just how fast that progress takes places rather than differences in ideas. Compared to the UK America is a lot better.. you sure don't wanna move here if you think America is bad. Our "conservative" party which we have had for the past 10+ years is so far left its unreal so just imagine how crazy our far left is.
Bingo Wings: @benjaminstyles yes that's true. A lot of Latin people in Florida voted for trump because they didn't want socialism so there is still hope. Also I think Asian countries are like that because they are too close to China for their own comfort and want to be the opposite. The theme would seem to be people who have experienced or are in amongst socialism or communism really don't want anything to do with it if they have a choice. China I think knows this and so is buying up a lot of businesses, property, assets and making corrupt deals with western corrupt politicians in Venezuela, Africa, Iran America, UK... I remember a couple years ago David Cameron inviting Xi Jinping to the pub when he came to England to have a pint and talk about closer relations. Although David Cameron is gone we have just as corrupt politicians still wanting to make a quick buck at the expense of our freedoms and democracy.
Since getting into power Boris Johnson has removed all leave campaigners from cabinet and downing street because he knows that they would object to his globalist version of Brexit. He is an opportunistic rat who used Brexit to get into power but he does not believe in what the people of the UK voted for. The only thing he believes in is his own self serving globalists politics which he is hoping will make him rich through corrupt dodgy deals that he plans on making across the world.

#BorisJohnson #Dictator #Brexit
Feeling... crappy: Hopefully Dominic Cummings will take him down LOL!
Misogyny is now considered a "hate crime" in the UK.

#UK #policestate