Jeff Bezos flying up into space in a giant penis space rocket is so funny... is he trying to tell us something? 🤣
Benjamin Styles: You might say he... penetrated the stratosphere with his ego.
Lewis Hamilton tried killing someone in a race yesterday so there is obviously a bit of uproar about it... Typical MSM calling everyone racist for criticising him now 🙄
Is it true that they are going to add a pregnant man emoji? That's messed up if its true. Who on earth is going to ever use that emoji in a real life conversation anyway 🤪
DAM THEM ALL! At the start of pandemic we were told by the "scientists" that only old people and vulnerable people were at risk of dying from covid.. now they are stopping us from opening up because the scientists without any evidence at all are wanting to push kids into getting vaccinated... even though the risk of them dying from getting the vaccine is higher than it if they get covid. In a way these scientists are now doing child sacrifice and are using the threat of potential restrictions and lockdown to get their own way! Why are we putting up with these Satanists? #Covid #Science #ENDLOCKDOWN
Yesterday a lot of anti lockdown protestors were arrested by Boris Johnsons thugs in London. Even though the "pandemic" is over we still are not allowed to protest without being thrown in back of police vans like in Belarus.

#Totalitarianism #covid #endlockdown #Protest
Benjamin Styles: What were the charges? Do you need a permit to protest in London or something?
What's up buttercup: @benjaminstyles the charges can be what ever the MET police want. They will even provoke trouble to cause pushing etc like they did at a vigil memorial service for that women that was murdered recently by a met police officer where they started arresting everyone for breaking lockdown rules. The home secretary Priti Patel wants to push to ban protesting near the houses of parliament, or if protests are getting too noisy as well as other protest laws to prohibit protesting. The UK really is getting super authoritarian its scary.
According to a recent "poll" being touted by the guardian (a marxist newspaper) 70% of brits are happy to stay in lockdown for another 4 weeks. I don't know ANYBODY who is happy about the lockdown delay. This strikes me as propaganda to me why would 70% of the population be happy stay in lockdown? It seems the MSM can make up as much fake pro lockdown news as they like but if you oppose lockdown you are cut down and silenced immediately. #Covid #Lockdown
BIG anti lockdown protests have been happening across the UK right through the entire pandemic but they get ignored by the press and the government. Our democracy is a SHAM.
Dominic Cummings has annihilated Boris Johnson and Matt Hancock! They have to resign now after these latest revelations... if not then our entire democracy is a SHAM! #borisJohnson #MattHancock
Its Eid mubarak today apparently... Don't worry I'm not a muslim or anything I only know this pointless fact because the tv keeps on wishing me a happy Eid mubarak and keeps on shoving ramadamdingdong crap down my throat.
The result of the local elections prove that the British public are complete and utter morons. They don't deserve freedom or a democracy if they keep on voting in the Tories who just take away these things bit by bit. People fight wars and die for their freedoms yet the British public squanders the little power that they have election after election by voting in a bunch of corrupt fake, freedom hating Tories.

It is true that you get the government that you deserve and the British public I guess deserve it if this is how they vote and are too bigger cowards to vote for real change. #LocalElections #Stupid
JamEs: An extremely small turn out. This was not a victory for Boris it just highlighted how little opposition we actually have and just how garbage our democracy is.