BIG anti lockdown protests have been happening across the UK right through the entire pandemic but they get ignored by the press and the government. Our democracy is a SHAM.
Dominic Cummings has annihilated Boris Johnson and Matt Hancock! They have to resign now after these latest revelations... if not then our entire democracy is a SHAM! #borisJohnson #MattHancock
Its Eid mubarak today apparently... Don't worry I'm not a muslim or anything I only know this pointless fact because the tv keeps on wishing me a happy Eid mubarak and keeps on shoving ramadamdingdong crap down my throat.
The result of the local elections prove that the British public are complete and utter morons. They don't deserve freedom or a democracy if they keep on voting in the Tories who just take away these things bit by bit. People fight wars and die for their freedoms yet the British public squanders the little power that they have election after election by voting in a bunch of corrupt fake, freedom hating Tories.

It is true that you get the government that you deserve and the British public I guess deserve it if this is how they vote and are too bigger cowards to vote for real change. #LocalElections #Stupid
JamEs: An extremely small turn out. This was not a victory for Boris it just highlighted how little opposition we actually have and just how garbage our democracy is.
It's the local elections today here in the UK... time to see if the UK public enjoy being Boris Johnsons doormat or not.
The tory party (fake conservatives) have basically bought peoples votes with their furlough scheme. Paying “chosen” people not to work and to stay at home for a whole year whilst the rest of us have to work and our reward is HIGHER TAXES to pay for it all. Its a complete farce. Its communism. #Furlough #plandemic #communists
Joe Biden's $4 trillion spending spree is absurd and will just benefit and give a competitive edge to big businesses such as Amazon and Google etc who the democrats serve. Its not democratic its not anything other than corruption, cronyism and plutocracy all gift wrapped to look like its for the benefit of the average joe excuse the pun. #JoeBiden #commie
Benjamin Styles: America is run by corporations today. Our president is a handpuppet for them. Cyberpunk is now here.
The Liberals/Marxists are trying to replace innocent until proven guilty with guilty until proven innocent. With some in the far left believing you don't even need to even do anything wrong to be found guilty with things like "Silence is violence". It is a very dangerous precedent that threatens our freedom and is spreading like wild fire across the whole of the western world.
farce: Being a white male is all the evidence that they need to convict you now :/
Benjamin Styles: The entire judicial process in America is being degraded. The rights of the accused are being washed away under the pretense of racial inequality and class-based justice.
The liberals will always have another crisis to throw at you in order to control and take away your freedoms. They probably have a list of planned crisis for the next 100 years all ready to go.
MP's are now using the excuse that they don't want to undo the sacrifices that people have made over the past year by ending lockdown and easing restrictions now that cases and deaths are low. In other words the government does not want to give people back their freedoms and civil liberties EVER! Covid19 has spread across the entire world and will always be in general circulation and its impossible to get rid of it now.. if the government is choosing not to give us back our freedoms based upon this fact then we must take back our freedoms and go to war. World wars have been fought over lesser things. We cannot let the Marxists win. #Endlockdown #Covid19 #Plandemic