We have some real traitors in our army. Apparently ex-pilots are being paid big sums of cash from the Chinese communist party to go to China to train their fight jet pilots not just on how to fly but also on western fighting tactics. For some reason it is perfectly legal for this to happen :/ #China #UK #DISGRACE
This is what happens when the democrats are in power they allow dictators and scum to take over the world. Obama allowed ISIS to rise up and take over and allowed Putin to take part of Ukraine Now Joe Biden within just a year has allowed Putin to full invade Ukraine. America needs to gets its act together and stop putting morons into the Whitehouse and stop allowing democrats in power. The democrats are WEAK all they care about is black lives matter, drag queens and abortions when it comes to things such as war they have no idea what to do because they are RETARDS.
Boris Johnson is dragging our democracy through the gutter. Its is a disgrace what he is doing.
JamEs: He thinks if he keeps on telling the same lies over and over again they might come true and everyone will forget and move on.
**BEGIN RANT** Bring back the times when the main headline in the news wasn't the same old covid covid covid. Its been like this for months... YEARS!!! They are picking the easy covid headlines rather than doing real journalism and reporting on something different and NEW because they are lazy, stupid and communist. BBC news are relentlessly talking about pressure on the NHS almost as though they are trying to push the government into another lockdown they can piss right off that just not how democracy works. Also I don't get forced to pay my tv license every year for the BBC to do this...bunch of overpaid communists go get a real job! **RANT OVER**

What's up buttercup: Spoke to soon.. today a black man died so that is big enough for the BBC to knock covid off the top spot on the news LOL!
The new new south African variant is a load of nonsense. They literally have no evidence at all to suggest it is more transmissible or even more deadly. There have only been 59 cases of this new variant in the world and with 35 mutations it sounds like it will be far too unstable to spread much at all. The BBC and other msm propaganda peddlers are loving the easy clickbait content covid is giving them and the fake scientists are also salivating over the thought of more communist lockdowns and restrictions. But in reality it is just a non scientific hypothetical crap!

Whilst there apparently is a new delta strain that is more transmissible but less deadly. Thus the virus is turning more and more benign so lockdowns and restrictions are even less needed (although I take the stance that lockdowns should have never been an option in the first place because they do more harm than good).
#Covid #FakeNews
The Kyle Rittenhouse case should have been an open and shut case but instead now he is a celebrity after a major long drawn out court case. He was defending himself their shouldn't be a big issue about that especially to the extent that the whole of America is torn over it. Does this now mean that in America that every time someone defends themselves they will now also get a major court case with the whole nation watching and judging them?!

Slippery slope.
Peter Daszak needs to be put on trial for mass murder in a country with the death penalty. Peter Daszak cannot get away with creating covid and killing so many people! He created covid19 and deliberately let it spread which has resulted in the deaths of millions of vulnerable and elderly people across the world. Not only that he has also basically heralded in a new era of communist covid restrictions and lockdowns that have devastated our economies and way of life and destroyed our democracy. This scumbag has gone to war with us and we need to stop him before he tries to do it again. #PeterDaszak #covid #Scum
Feeling... crappy: Every so often in human history you get monsters such as Hitler and Stalin who kill millions Peter Daszak is one of those monsters. He will probably get a Nobel prize or something stupid for enriching and empowering totalitarian governments around the world the elites will love him.
Was shocked to see the video of a white woman getting punched in the face on a NYC subway train after telling him to take a chill pill after he was yelling at everyone on the train to get out of his way. After punching the woman in the face he then goes on to call the women racist.
Black privilege is a real thing and is when a black person calls everyone racist as a get out of jail free card so they can do anything they want because if you stop them then you are automatically racist.

Black supremacy is on the rise and they will not stop until they have turned turned the world into the planet of the apes.
Austria is talking about having another lockdown just for the "unvaccinated" 😬!!! You bet if Austria does this so other countries will quickly follow... Politicians can do what they like now because they know western democracy is a farce.
It black history month.. in other words its that time of the year when you end up getting a real bad headache from listening to all the black supremacy crap on tv all day telling you how much of a bad person you are just for being white.