We have some real traitors in our army. Apparently ex-pilots are being paid big sums of cash from the Chinese communist party to go to China to train their fight jet pilots not just on how to fly but also on western fighting tactics. For some reason it is perfectly legal for this to happen :/ #China #UK #DISGRACE
This is what happens when the democrats are in power they allow dictators and scum to take over the world. Obama allowed ISIS to rise up and take over and allowed Putin to take part of Ukraine Now Joe Biden within just a year has allowed Putin to full invade Ukraine. America needs to gets its act together and stop putting morons into the Whitehouse and stop allowing democrats in power. The democrats are WEAK all they care about is black lives matter, drag queens and abortions when it comes to things such as war they have no idea what to do because they are RETARDS.
Boris Johnson is dragging our democracy through the gutter. Its is a disgrace what he is doing.
JamEs: He thinks if he keeps on telling the same lies over and over again they might come true and everyone will forget and move on.
**BEGIN RANT** Bring back the times when the main headline in the news wasn't the same old covid covid covid. Its been like this for months... YEARS!!! They are picking the easy covid headlines rather than doing real journalism and reporting on something different and NEW because they are lazy, stupid and communist. BBC news are relentlessly talking about pressure on the NHS almost as though they are trying to push the government into another lockdown they can piss right off that just not how democracy works. Also I don't get forced to pay my tv license every year for the BBC to do this...bunch of overpaid communists go get a real job! **RANT OVER**

What's up buttercup: Spoke to soon.. today a black man died so that is big enough for the BBC to knock covid off the top spot on the news LOL!
First it was covid now China is messing up energy prices at a time when economies are struggling to get started again after the pandemic. I really do believe that China is deliberately causing the energy crisis by buying up as much gas as possible at silly prices just to further destabilize the west. China has no need to buy up so much gas from other countries when it has so much of its own natural resources. People really need to wake up and realize that we are at WAR with china and they started it!!! #China #WorldWar3
JamEs: Lets just hope America doesn't abandon Taiwan like it did with Afghanistan...
What's up buttercup: @benjaminstyles Yeah we would stand no chance even if things didn't go nuclear. Communist leaders/countries do not value human life and treat their people as cannon fodder so China wouldn't care how many die as long as they win. Civil war or a peasants revolt in China is the wests only hope.
Jeff Bezos flying up into space in a giant penis space rocket is so funny... is he trying to tell us something? 🤣
Yesterday a lot of anti lockdown protestors were arrested by Boris Johnsons thugs in London. Even though the "pandemic" is over we still are not allowed to protest without being thrown in back of police vans like in Belarus.

#Totalitarianism #covid #endlockdown #Protest
What's up buttercup: @benjaminstyles the charges can be what ever the MET police want. They will even provoke trouble to cause pushing etc like they did at a vigil memorial service for that women that was murdered recently by a met police officer where they started arresting everyone for breaking lockdown rules. The home secretary Priti Patel wants to push to ban protesting near the houses of parliament, or if protests are getting too noisy as well as other protest laws to prohibit protesting. The UK really is getting super authoritarian its scary.
Joe Biden's $4 trillion spending spree is absurd and will just benefit and give a competitive edge to big businesses such as Amazon and Google etc who the democrats serve. Its not democratic its not anything other than corruption, cronyism and plutocracy all gift wrapped to look like its for the benefit of the average joe excuse the pun. #JoeBiden #commie
The Liberals/Marxists are trying to replace innocent until proven guilty with guilty until proven innocent. With some in the far left believing you don't even need to even do anything wrong to be found guilty with things like "Silence is violence". It is a very dangerous precedent that threatens our freedom and is spreading like wild fire across the whole of the western world.
farce: Being a white male is all the evidence that they need to convict you now :/