The Chinese (the real threat to the world) are laughing so much right now at how weak the US leadership is being. This is what happens when you fill the west full of incompetent, corrupt liberal morons. United states, UK, France, Canada... the list goes on. People need to realize that the Chinese are a fast growing threat and we cannot be seen to be weak especially our military when the Chinese are actively attacking the world with biological weapons AKA COVID. We must throw out these morons in power and fight for democracy and freedoms once more. #China #Taliban #Biden
According to a recent "poll" being touted by the guardian (a marxist newspaper) 70% of brits are happy to stay in lockdown for another 4 weeks. I don't know ANYBODY who is happy about the lockdown delay. This strikes me as propaganda to me why would 70% of the population be happy stay in lockdown? It seems the MSM can make up as much fake pro lockdown news as they like but if you oppose lockdown you are cut down and silenced immediately. #Covid #Lockdown
MP's are now using the excuse that they don't want to undo the sacrifices that people have made over the past year by ending lockdown and easing restrictions now that cases and deaths are low. In other words the government does not want to give people back their freedoms and civil liberties EVER! Covid19 has spread across the entire world and will always be in general circulation and its impossible to get rid of it now.. if the government is choosing not to give us back our freedoms based upon this fact then we must take back our freedoms and go to war. World wars have been fought over lesser things. We cannot let the Marxists win. #Endlockdown #Covid19 #Plandemic
If you put a frail elderly person on a ventilator and shove tubes down their throats obviously they wont recover. The NHS are killing people on a mass scale.

#covid19 #nhs