Fingers crossed that Dominic Cummings has enough dirt on Boris Johnson to take him down. It is about time that this opportunist snake finally gets what he deserves.

#BorisJohnson #Corrupt
JamEs: I'm hoping he gets a prison sentence. It would apt indeed considering Bojo put us all under house arrest for a whole year.
What's up buttercup: He should be locked up for taking bribes but no doubt Boris will probably spin it that he wasn't accepting bribes but gifts from his tory chums and get away with it :/
MP's are now using the excuse that they don't want to undo the sacrifices that people have made over the past year by ending lockdown and easing restrictions now that cases and deaths are low. In other words the government does not want to give people back their freedoms and civil liberties EVER! Covid19 has spread across the entire world and will always be in general circulation and its impossible to get rid of it now.. if the government is choosing not to give us back our freedoms based upon this fact then we must take back our freedoms and go to war. World wars have been fought over lesser things. We cannot let the Marxists win. #Endlockdown #Covid19 #Plandemic
JamEs: We will never get back our freedom at this rate that's why they are calling it the new normal.
Lockdown has apparently eased... but everything is still closed and I cannot meet up with more than 2 households. Give me back my freedoms and stop trying to forcing this "new normal" you bunch of fascists! #endlockdown
Boris Johnson is a murderer.
You cannot make this shit up. Now the stupid scientists are saying that we will have a real bad flu season next year because of the lockdown and we will have to have even more next winter. These sadists are just determined to wreck everyone's lives and control us forever.

#covid19 #lockdown
Covid19 is just one big United nations hoax.

#covid19 #hoax
Boris Johnson needs to drop dead!

I'm sick of wearing facemasks. They make me feel so restricted I cannot breathe properly. They take away your identity and I feel like I live in a Muslim country and I have to wear a burqa or else the police will get me. #covid19 #facemasks #plandemic 😶