Apparently the lab in Wuhan that leaked covid has been nominated for China's top science award. Go figure! The Chinese government are basically now honouring the evil scumbags who started all this mess and flaunting it in all of our faces. #Wuhan #covid
Benjamin Styles: Of course it has. What nonsense.
Alien boy: Yes in communist party's eyes these scientists have done a great job. Covid19 worked out perfectly for china.. managed to distract the world and take over Hong Kong. Now nobody say im being a conspiracy theorist here. Its more of a conspiracy to say covid came from an animal in Wuhan. Wuhan is a very developed city and not the wet market animals running riot place the MSM tries to make out. It is very unlikely that someone in Wuhan contracted covid from an animal.
If Matt Hancock breaks his own covid rules just to have an affair then I think its okay for us all to get back to living our lives! #Endlockdown
"Juneteenth is a federal holiday in the United States commemorating emancipation of enslaved African Americans. It is also often observed for celebrating African American culture."

Nah, this is STUPID. Any white person that celebrates this has obviously lost their mind and should be put in a mental hospital. The black lives matter supremacists must be stopped before its too late and they do what they have been doing to white people in South Africa. They are destroying and replacing our culture with there garbage, savage African culture.

#BLM #Juneteenth #Africa
Whilst we have lost all of our freedoms the G7 leaders are having a nice holiday in Cornwall.
JamEs: They are probably conspiring and thinking of more ways to become like China.
Looks as though Boris Johnsons and Joe Biden are getting on like a house on fire at the g7 meeting in Cornwall I had a thought they would do because they are both liberal globalists scumbags so will no doubt be BFF'S! #Boris #Biden #G7
People need to think about lonely people more who have spent the past year and a half isolated and alone. This lockdown "limbo" new normal that these fake scientists have created is unacceptable and no way to live! #Endlockdown #Covid #PLANDEMIC
Dr Shaun Fitzgerald is a SCAMMER! Dr Shaun Fitzgerald who is part of the governments SAGE advisory group appeared on the bbc news today talking about how restrictions such as social distancing wearing face masks blahablah should continue and argues that until the whole world is VACCINATED we are not safe.

However if you search his name you will find out his real AGENDA and motives. Dr Shaun Fitzgerald is the co-founder and Chief Executive Officer at Breathing Buildings. He is making huge profits from from covid restrictions through making businesses "covid" safe through ventilation systems. Of course he will come up with any excuse to keep covid restrictions going because he is making big bucks from it all. He is not there to save lives but to enrich himself. Next time some so called doctor or scientist appears on tv you should always research them DO NOT take what they are saying as scientific fact even if the government are. #ShaunFitzgerald #scam #Covid #Plandemic
Fingers crossed that Dominic Cummings has enough dirt on Boris Johnson to take him down. It is about time that this opportunist snake finally gets what he deserves.

#BorisJohnson #Corrupt
JamEs: I'm hoping he gets a prison sentence. It would apt indeed considering Bojo put us all under house arrest for a whole year.
What's up buttercup: He should be locked up for taking bribes but no doubt Boris will probably spin it that he wasn't accepting bribes but gifts from his tory chums and get away with it :/
MP's are now using the excuse that they don't want to undo the sacrifices that people have made over the past year by ending lockdown and easing restrictions now that cases and deaths are low. In other words the government does not want to give people back their freedoms and civil liberties EVER! Covid19 has spread across the entire world and will always be in general circulation and its impossible to get rid of it now.. if the government is choosing not to give us back our freedoms based upon this fact then we must take back our freedoms and go to war. World wars have been fought over lesser things. We cannot let the Marxists win. #Endlockdown #Covid19 #Plandemic
JamEs: We will never get back our freedom at this rate that's why they are calling it the new normal.
Lockdown has apparently eased... but everything is still closed and I cannot meet up with more than 2 households. Give me back my freedoms and stop trying to forcing this "new normal" you bunch of fascists! #endlockdown