The NHS are trying to get the government to impose more covid restrictions again starting with wearing facemasks (face nappies) again even though covid has mutated so much now it is more benign than ever. There is a good reason why the UK had one of the worst covid19 deaths rates in the world it is because the NHS are are just a bunch of lazy, incompetent, baby murdering (Shrewsbury scandal) overpaid Stalinists. We are now paying higher tax just to give them all a pay rise after their stupid protests during the last lockdown. I say get rid of the NHS and set up a new better health system that isn't run by these entitled, lazy incompetent morns who are constantly ruining peoples lives. #NHS #COVID #Communists
Seriously the BBC needs to be scrapped. Why should we be forced to pay a tv license just to have the BBC promote their communist propaganda non stop. Also I hate all the sadistic journalists literally grinning whilst they talk about rising taxes, bills and poor people struggling... but that's to be expected after all it is the BBC the home of Jimmy Saville. #BBC #BOYCOTT
JamEs: BBC is ran by sickos.
Putin is a murderer who is killing innocent civilians for no reason other than him being an evil unhinged tyrant. People have been through enough these last 2 years they don't now need to be bombed in their own homes. #Putin #Russia
Welsh people must have the most annoying accents on the planet. Anyone can think of any more annoying accent??? I doubt it. 🤔
JamEs: I know what you mean 😫
What's happening in Canada is not right. They are treating people like scum just because they want their freedom back. Their is no excuse. Historically pandemics only last around 2 years and that without vaccines, anti viral drugs or modern day treatments. Keeping the restrictions and the pandemic going now is just insane and their gotta be more to it than just stopping covid from spreading especially since the omnicron variant has been proven to be even more less severe and some scientists call it the variant to end the pandemic and want it to spread. #Covid #resitrcions #CANDA #Plandemic
Apparently the lab in Wuhan that leaked covid has been nominated for China's top science award. Go figure! The Chinese government are basically now honouring the evil scumbags who started all this mess and flaunting it in all of our faces. #Wuhan #covid
Alien boy: Yes in communist party's eyes these scientists have done a great job. Covid19 worked out perfectly for china.. managed to distract the world and take over Hong Kong. Now nobody say im being a conspiracy theorist here. Its more of a conspiracy to say covid came from an animal in Wuhan. Wuhan is a very developed city and not the wet market animals running riot place the MSM tries to make out. It is very unlikely that someone in Wuhan contracted covid from an animal.