What is the point of lockdown and restrictions if your borders are wide open. No matter how much you sacrifice and suffer covid19 will never be eliminated from this country because it will just get reimported again and again by people coming from abroad. Lockdown is a whack a mole strategy that doesn't work and simply ruins peoples lives. We have vaccines now give them to the most vulnerable who want them and end this communist crap.

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What's up buttercup: Oh they will never give up their power now that they have total control over everybody. We need to take back our country in other ways rather than just hoping that these people will do the right thing.
By march the UK will have vaccinated 88% of the demographic who die of covid19 but the government are refusing to even give us a date to when things will get back to normal and we get our freedom back. What is the point of the vaccine if we will still all be in lockdown and social distancing forever?

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I probably need a hobby.. any suggestions?
person: stamp collecting?
I am so fed up of lockdown now. We have been stripped of our freedom and imprisoned for almost a whole year without even a hint of a parole date!

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Mike Tildesley is a fake scientist. Appearing on the news today Mike Tildesley who is part of the SAGE group advising the government said that lockdown maybe even longer because of the south African variant because the vaccines wont protect you against it. HOWEVER it should be noted that his claims are totally baseless and he has no scientific evidence to back this up. He is not a scientist but a Marixst who wants us all to live under the "new normal" indefinitely and is using fake science to try to push his political agenda.
Scum bags such as these should not be part of sage advising the government and these opportunist Marxist pricks are part of the reason why the UK is one of the worst hit countries in the world by the pandemic.

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What's up buttercup: Yes these scientists are at best nasty trolls. His comments will surely cause suicides stripping peoples hope away from them and making out this will never end is down right evil.
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