Boris Johnson HAS to do more to stop the killing in Ukraine but he is more bothered about looking like Winston Churchill and trying to restore his approval ratings than he is about actually coming up with solutions to help Ukraine win this horrific war. Like with everything he does all Boris Johnson is doing is promising stuff and then not delivering and hope the public forgets what he has promised. We need a better leader in charge not this bumbling idiot if world war 3 is around the corner.
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What Russia is doing to Ukraine is pure EVIL! The Ukrainian people have done absolutely nothing to deserve getting massacred like this. The Russian soldiers should not go along with Putin's plan to genocide Ukraine if they do then they are just as bad as he is! #Ukraine #Russia #Putin
Its a tad windy today although here in Sheffield we are apparently not even really feeling the full brunt of Storm Eunice... Just imagining what it would be like on the coast whoa!
Lots of evidence coming out now of how the China in collaboration with US and British scientists helped create covid and intentionally spread it (read the telegraph piece of how a British scientist created covid and wanted to spread it)!!! In my view those scientists need the DEATH PENATLY for murdering millions of the most vulnerable and frail in our society. Not only have these scumbags killed so many people they have also tried to cripple our democracy and take away our freedoms with their shitty new normal. We need to send a message that this kind of thing will not be tolerated to stop other communists scum from trying this ever again. #Covid #China #Communists
Fauci should stop appearing on the news trolling everybody it doesn't help anybody in fact it makes peoples mental health worse listening to his lies day after day. Fauci will be causing suicides and he knows it. DEMON. #Fauci #Covid
Dr Shaun Fitzgerald is a SCAMMER! Dr Shaun Fitzgerald who is part of the governments SAGE advisory group appeared on the bbc news today talking about how restrictions such as social distancing wearing face masks blahablah should continue and argues that until the whole world is VACCINATED we are not safe.

However if you search his name you will find out his real AGENDA and motives. Dr Shaun Fitzgerald is the co-founder and Chief Executive Officer at Breathing Buildings. He is making huge profits from from covid restrictions through making businesses "covid" safe through ventilation systems. Of course he will come up with any excuse to keep covid restrictions going because he is making big bucks from it all. He is not there to save lives but to enrich himself. Next time some so called doctor or scientist appears on tv you should always research them DO NOT take what they are saying as scientific fact even if the government are. #ShaunFitzgerald #scam #Covid #Plandemic
According to a recent "poll" being touted by the guardian (a marxist newspaper) 70% of brits are happy to stay in lockdown for another 4 weeks. I don't know ANYBODY who is happy about the lockdown delay. This strikes me as propaganda to me why would 70% of the population be happy stay in lockdown? It seems the MSM can make up as much fake pro lockdown news as they like but if you oppose lockdown you are cut down and silenced immediately. #Covid #Lockdown
During this pandemic the rich have gotten richer and the poor have gotten poorer. I have no doubt that the elite have used this pandemic/plandemic as an opportunity to reset the economy stifle social mobility and enrich themselves whilst the rest of us suffer, lose our freedoms and die.

#Plandemic #covid
Dominic cummings revelations of the governments handling of the covid19 pandemic proves that Boris Johnson is not fit to being prime minister. Boris Johnson's terrible leadership has caused so much death and suffering and to rub further salt to peoples wounds he still refuses to even meet with families who have lost loved ones due to covid19 because he will do anything to avoid people questioning him. He needs go ASAP! #boris #covid
End lock down now. No ifs and certainly no buts!