During this pandemic the rich have gotten richer and the poor have gotten poorer. I have no doubt that the elite have used this pandemic/plandemic as an opportunity to reset the economy stifle social mobility and enrich themselves whilst the rest of us suffer, lose our freedoms and die.

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Dominic cummings revelations of the governments handling of the covid19 pandemic proves that Boris Johnson is not fit to being prime minister. Boris Johnson's terrible leadership has caused so much death and suffering and to rub further salt to peoples wounds he still refuses to even meet with families who have lost loved ones due to covid19 because he will do anything to avoid people questioning him. He needs go ASAP! #boris #covid
End lock down now. No ifs and certainly no buts!

I bet in the future you will need a vaccine passport just to be able to have a zoom call with someone next!

#covid19 #vaccinepassports
Bingo Wings: iv seen silly doctors and nurses doing that when being interviewed on tv just to make a point.
The climate is always changing... Its called the weather.

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Chief scientific advisor Sir Patrick valance is nothing more than a drug pusher. He is using scare mongering to push everyone into taking vaccines that they don't even need. Telling people that next winter we maybe under restrictions such as wearing face masks and social distancing he is trying to terrify people and using restrictions and lockdowns as a threat into forcing people into taking vaccines. Most healthy young people don't even need a vaccine because they have a healthy immune system and the virus wont make them seriously ill but because he is a drug dealer for big pharma he is trying to get everyone to take the vaccine so for maximum profit.

#patrickvallance #bigpharma #scumbag
Freedom Fighter: He is an evil weasel. 20 ,000 deaths would be a good outcome according to him at the start what sort of sicko target is that to aim for. No wonder the UK has been hit so bad by covid19 when we have psychopaths like Patrick Valance and Chris Whitty in charge of things.
Lockdown has nothing to do with getting rid of the "virus" and everything to do with destroying the economy and middle classes.
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Boris Johnson is a dictator. Fortunately all dictators meet a sticky end.

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If a fat fuck like Boris Johnson can survive covid19 I think the rest of us will be fine. #boris #covid19
Boris Johnson is a tyrant and a murderer. Locking down the whole country for a whole year will not get rid of the so called virus all it will do is destroy peoples lives and business and will cause many people to die of serious illnesses that are left untreated. #Borisjohnson #covid19 #plandemic