Boris Johnson HAS to do more to stop the killing in Ukraine but he is more bothered about looking like Winston Churchill and trying to restore his approval ratings than he is about actually coming up with solutions to help Ukraine win this horrific war. Like with everything he does all Boris Johnson is doing is promising stuff and then not delivering and hope the public forgets what he has promised. We need a better leader in charge not this bumbling idiot if world war 3 is around the corner.
#BorisJohnson #Politics #Ukraine #Russia
What Russia is doing to Ukraine is pure EVIL! The Ukrainian people have done absolutely nothing to deserve getting massacred like this. The Russian soldiers should not go along with Putin's plan to genocide Ukraine if they do then they are just as bad as he is! #Ukraine #Russia #Putin
Its a tad windy today although here in Sheffield we are apparently not even really feeling the full brunt of Storm Eunice... Just imagining what it would be like on the coast whoa!