Give us back our freedom and stop treating us all like caged animals. I now stare out my window and see birds flying about and its like they have more freedom than I do. It is gotten to such a point now for me that if civil war did break out I know exactly what side id be fighting on. #endlockdown
If some calls themselves a social liberal what they actually mean is that they are social fascist.
Will the black lives matter people finally shut up now that they got what they wanted with the George Floyd case or will they be they looking for total black supremacy now? #BLM #Liberals
David Attenborough has made a program celebrating the effect lockdown has had on wildlife and the climate. These Marxist nutjobs will probably push for lockdowns every year now 😠. This is shows just how anti human Marxist scientists are. They don't care about people suffering they just care about their made up Marxist science that makes people the problem. Whether its climate change or covid Marxist professors and scientists never actually come up with real solutions to problems other than people should all stop doing stuff and more control on peoples everyday lives. #endlockdown #plandemic #covid
Someone needs to stamp on that Fauci and squash him like the annoying insect he is.
University Professors are the scum of the earth.
Now that winter is over and the sun is shining being under house arrest sucks even more. This plandemic has gone on long enough and things cannot go on like this! Locking up everyone and not saying when you can have your freedom back is inhumane. Lockdown IS causing so many suicides and lasting mental and physical health problems for so many people and the government is causing it not some dumb virus.
Iv not been on utterz for a while now. Been on Buzzio instead created by the same people but with more features and exactly like twitter.
The London MET police are women murderers.
Boo!: Its tragic isn't it.