Lockdown does more harm than good. Instead of treating humans as the virus scientists should stop being such stupid marxists and actually come up with real solutions other than lockdown and social distancing which just cause more death and destruction. #covid19 #lockdown
The climate is always changing... Its called the weather.

#climatechange #stupid
Its makes me laugh when people now say "stay safe"... stay safe from what being eaten by a bear?

#covid19 #hoax
What's up buttercup: yup. Makes me kind of fume inside as though I need them to tell me to stay safe, it is kind of insulting and condescending what do they think I plan on doing. Oh wait, no its really just about them telling you help stop the spread of this made up virus by doing your bit because were all in this together like little commies.
Another day in lockdown... oh the pure joy of it all 🙃
You know you live in a crap country when they take all your freedoms away for a whole year and you are not even allowed to protest without the police throwing you in the back of a police van.

#Covid19 #lockdown #restirctions
Silly Cow: I cannot stand this awful country anymore. I want to leave. Oh wait not even allowed to do that now! 🤦‍♂️
Our democracy, freedom and fundamental rights have all been taken away from us all because of a virus... called communism.
If this plandemic is what the far lefts idea of pro choice is then I want nothing to do with it.

#Endlockdown If the government do not give us back our freedom then we must fight to get it back. World wars have been started over lesser things than this.
Wearing a face mask isn't about protecting you nor is it about protecting others. Its just a suppositious rule. The real reason behind wearing face covering is about the government being able to condition and control you exactly what how the fake prophet Muhammad used to do.

#covid19 #facemasks #lockdown #restrictions
Freedom Fighter: *If someone coughs in your face a face mask will help stop the germs from entering your mouth but you have these things called eyes you know which are exposed and pick up moisture and germs all the time from the air.
It is no conspiracy theory that the government have behavioural phycologists and professors advising them on how to make/condition people into sticking to lockdown rules.

#lockdown #covid19 #communists
JamEs: Yeah I see them appear on bbc news all the time. They are not bothered about talking about peoples struggling and mental health because of lockdown all they talk about is ways the government can get in peoples minds and change peoples thinking to adhere to the rules better. SCUMBAGS
dkthered: Like the Satanist Michael Aquino.