Why do the G7 need so much security to protect them from the people they are meant to be serving? Surely if they were doing such a good job they wouldn't need so much protection.

I guess all these millions being spent on the security is needed to protect people smacking macron round the face again.
You know the scientists are fake communists when they are now making up fake studies about how if your a VEGAN you are less likely to get seriously ill from covid... Yep they can try but they're not gonna fool me! #FAKESCIENCE #Covid #Endlockdown
Freedom Fighter: @benjaminstyles Indeed! The Nazis had plenty of so called "scientists" doing all sorts of evil experiments in the name of science in the concentration camps.
Everyone needs to stop complying with covid lockdowns and restrictions. If nobody sticks to the rules then there are no rules.

When you have a state funded healthcare system there is no deterrent for bad service. It doesn't matter if they kill all their patients the doctors and nurses will still get paid.
People are treating doctors and scientists like gods. Its weird they are praising them and putting all their hope in them to saves us from covid. That's what they do in pagan African tribes where they start worshipping the witch doctors.

Having said all of that... if your gonna praise someone you should only praise people who do a good job.. its obvious that the NHS have not done a good job at all! #NHS #Doctors #covid
Wuhan is a coronavirus factory. What are the chances that 2 viruses would come from the same city that also just so happens to have a coronavirus lab. Carpet bomb Wuhan!
Watching Willy Wonka and chocolate factory... LOL always wondered why does the sweet shop owner starts giving away all his sweets to the kids and allow them to raid his shop.. that's no way to run a business!
Someone drop a bomb on the Belarus dictator Alexander Lukashenko. Thanks.
China landed a space rover on mars today... hopefully the commies are thinking of moving there permanently! Bye bye and take your communism with you.
Give us back our freedom and stop treating us all like caged animals. I now stare out my window and see birds flying about and its like they have more freedom than I do. It is gotten to such a point now for me that if civil war did break out I know exactly what side id be fighting on. #endlockdown
S Cubed: The end is near. Here in Texas, I went out to eat at a sit down restaurant and their sign had changed from Masks Required to Masks Recommended. I wore no mask and nobody said anything about it. We are getting back to "normal".
Freedom Fighter: @samanthasullivan I am really glad that in texas they are respecting peoples freedoms more and things are getting back to normal. I wish I lived in texas. Where I live even though only 1000 or so people are in the entire country are hospital with covid and more people commit suicide than die of covid we are still living under huge restrictions 😲