Apparently we will see more covid restrictions after new year. Boris Johnson is a perfect example of a leader using the plandemic, covid restrictions and the vaccine rollout to hang onto power. That sack of shit needs to be kicked out pronto. He has destroyed and is continuing to destroy our country. He is dangerous and just like a dictator no matter how messed up he makes things he wont ever resign. #BorisJohnson #Plandemic #Covid #lockdown
Happy kwanzaa... only joking black culture sucks!
Covid has essentially vaccinated it self. Omicron is now 70% less severe than other variants. If the pandemic goes on any longer now you know 1000% it is just to get everyone vaccinated so that the drug companies can cash in even more.
JamEs: But for most people the virus is like 0.01% deadly... so why the hell is there a pandemic anyway if not for the drug companies to cash in.
Feeling... crappy: Madness.
Merry Christmas everyone! Pretty pathetic that even on Christmas eve and Christmas day the drug pushing TROLL scientists were still trying to scare everyone on the news about covid. BAH HUMBUG!
Apparently omicron has mutations from animals that's why it has so many new mutations. These mutations mean that omicron isn't a super mutant variant that will wipe out humanity like some CRAP fake scientists like cow worshipping freak Professor Ravi Gupta is making it out to be. It is even more benign. No lockdowns or restrictions are needed. These communist professors should crawl back under their rocks where they belong!

Now it is a question of whether our leaders will listen to real science or will continue to listen to fake no data opinions from communists masquerading as scientists and keep lockdowns and restrictions going. Looks like Boris is choosing to listen to the communists as having restrictions pushes his sleaze and corruption off the front page. #Covid #plandemic #Lockdown
If we have another lockdown we will only be in the same situation again once we end lockdown. Lockdowns don't do anything and are pointless... in fact lockdowns worsen the situation and create backlogs in our health systems and break up peoples natural immunity.
SAGE the governments ADVISORY group for emergencies is no longer advising the government but DEMANDING the government have another lockdown and Boris Johnson isn't ruling it out even though 100 of his own MPS have voted against further covid restrictions. Boris Johnson is choosing to ignore the people who have been elected and choosing instead to listen to a bunch of unelected prats. SAGE should be broken up its literally a committee full to the brim of communists. There are KNOWN communist party members in SAGE. We are no longer being run by democratic processes anymore but by a bunch of evil old commie professors who think they can take down capitalism via covid. #SAGE #PLANDEMIC #COVID
Here's a public health message for you... Save your mental health. Ignore the news and the trolls with their made up science and propaganda put on a comedy instead and live you life as normal!
I actually feel a lot less stressed and as a result healthier when I don't watch the news... funny that!
Black lives matter is a black supremacist communist cult that needs to be banned ASAP. It is dangerous and not about equality at all. Basically they want to take over the world black it up and take all the white men's possessions and make white men the slaves. If someone is a member of a white supremist group in the UK they are they get put in PRISON.. but its okay the other way around??? #BLM #CULT #Culture