The one and only benefit of lockdown is just like a prisoner in jail all I do all day is exercise now. Need to keep healthy and keep positive through exercise and endorphins rushing to my brain etc. Cannot let these communist pigs win. If there is gonna be a civil war gotta be ready and not gonna let them phycological destroy me or make me fat and lazy.

#Covid #lockdown #Prisoner
I ate: Protein shake
JamEs: @benjaminstyles Are house prices affordable in America? I wish I could own my own house. In the UK the house market has went up even more during the pandemic. An average house here is like £300k if you want a small house with a small garden and many young people cannot afford to buy a house now. This is due to government meddling in the house market to bump up property prices as much as possible because most of our politicians are land owners.
JamEs: @benjaminstyles it seems bill gates is getting his fingers in all the pies everywhere.