Donald Trump didn't do much as president.. but not doing much is a lot better than meddling and messing up the world like the Obama did. Biden is going to be terrible as president as he will give free reign to all the radical socialist psychopaths in the democrat party. Watch as the flood gates of evil and crazy open and the world descend into an even more hellish state.

#donaldtrump #biden
JamEs: I was very disappointed in Donald as president because he didn't do most of the things he said he would and the swamp wasn't drained enough to stop the covid19 plandemic either.
burp: Donald trump was a car salesman president. He knew what demographic to target and what to say that's all he was good at 😆
John Cherish: There are over 130 things he accomplished that directly improved Our Citizens lives here are but a few..... And contrary to popular belief Trump Did not create The Wusan Corona Virus, China Did
#lockdown is really having a negative effect on my mental health.. but nobody cares least of all the NHS!!! All they are bothered about is reducing their workload...lazy bastards!
yogurt: Same here. Zero mention from the government or NHS on mental health and how they are going to help people.. even though suicide is one of the biggest killers of young people. they have literally pushed everyone who isn't a covid19 patient under the bus.
proffessorshitty: The NHS or government really couldn't care less. NHS mental health services are woeful at the best of times but how they are treating people now really does take the mick! If you are struggling with your mental health because of the restrictions I would say ignore them. Your wellbeing is more important than Boris Johnsons control freakery.
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