The NHS is now sending covid19 patients to hospices to receive care. This is why the UK has one of the highest death rates in the world its because they are actively sending highly infectious people to places such as care homes and hospices to infect and kill the most vulnerable people in society. This is GENOCIDE right before our very eyes. The government needs to be stopped.

Remember this back in summer when NHS doctors and Nurses protested in the streets for more money whilst patients choked to death in their hospital beds.

Bingo Wings: I see no social distancing there. I guess when your holding a socialist workers or a black lives matters protesting sign then you are immune.
China and the world health organization need to pay for what they have done to the world!

For under 40's covid19 has a death rate of 0.01%. Yet lockdown and restrictions are mainly destroying young peoples lives (lockdown and restrictions are not even stopping old people dying anyway). Causing mass unemployment, mental health problems etc.. Far more young people will die of suicide this year than covid19!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

#covid19 #endlockdown
Face masks are hijabs for your mouth.
You can now get a 10 year prison sentence in the UK for breaking covid19 travel restrictions. Instead of simply closing the borders Boris Johnson government would rather throw everyone in prison instead.

#covid19 #lockdown
dog: That is insane!
China sent us 2 viruses in 2020... Covid19 and TikTok 🤨
Boris Johnson sucks: I think doing a stupid dance on tiktok is a symptom of Covid19.
The UK police are just a bunch of chavy yes men who have zero integrity.
I cannot take this communist lockdown anymore. If I wanted to live in china I would have moved there.
Seems like there is an unlimited supply of communist professors out there. Someone should find a way to close the demonic portal which they are all coming out of pronto!

#marxist #bastards
draugra: They're more like the naive yet malicious people who are opening the portal and think they're going to rule the world after. God only knows what will come out. What I do know is, they're going to be the first to feel the claws of what they called.