FUCK THE NHS! An A&E doctor has apparently said that the general public have blood on their hands if they don't adhere to the restrictions. These comments are disgraceful especially at a time when so many people are suffering from mental health problems because of the restrictions and suicide rates are higher than they have EVER been. The only ones with blood on their hands are the murdering NHS doctors and nurses who have manged to kill thousands of people by sticking covid patients on ventilators instead of actually caring and treating them.

paki: the NHS is stupid.
So the Bozo has managed to finally get a deal with the EU but the deal is actually ALOT worse than the deal Theresa May got years ago and essentially makes us the EU's puppets with no say at all. LOL I guess that's what happens when you have a spastic for a prime minister🤪 #Brexit #Boris #idiot
The the Chief scientific advisor "Sir" Patrick Vallance is not even a scientist he is a conman who works for the pharmaceutical giant GSK. Being the Chief scientific advisor for the government enables him to gain lucrative government contracts for GSK. He is not bothered about saving lives he is a drug dealer with products to sell.

The government have took away just about all of our freedoms and now we are not even allowed to celebrate Christmas! BORIS JOHNSON YOU FUCKING COMMUNIST BASTARD GO ROTT IN HELL!
JamEs: He needs to be removed as Prime Minister
Matt Hancock is a total liar. He lied yesterday in parliament about the new "strain" of covid19 by making out that covid19 will now spread more rapidly because of it. BUT he has zero scientific evidence to back this up... Let me say this again he has no proof whatsoever!!!! He is basically using this new strain as propaganda to scare people into complying with covid19 restrictions.

#Matthancock #plandemic #covid19
Apparently a new "variant" of covid19 has been discovered and according to the Marxists... I mean scientists it causes Covid19 to spread even faster. However this claim is completely baseless because for starters they have only just made the discovery and have ZERO scientific evidence that back up their claim that this new variant spreads even faster. The truth is FAKE scientists such as Chris Whitty and Patrick Vallance are just using this it for propaganda to cause fear and to control people even more with their lockdown and restrictions.
It also should be noted that this new discovery has been made just as the government announce that London will be put under tier 3 restrictions.. how convenient!

#covid19 #lockdown #plandemic
This is what happens when you let a bunch of Marxists run the country. Within less than a year we have over 60 ,000 dead, a ruined economy, hundreds of protestors locked up, and you aren't even allowed to meet up with your friends in a pub!

#Borisjohnson #covid19 #lockdown #restrictions #Marxists
Professor Chris Whitty is actually Harold Shipman in disguise! 😱

burp: I hate the twat
jam123: He deliberately let covid19 to spread out of control because he a twisted sadist.
Chief scientific advisor Sir Patrick Vallance is a conman and murderer. He allowed covid19 to spread out of control so that he could make money! Before this pandemic Patrick Vallance had £600k shares in GSK a UK Pharmaceutical company who are currently developing a Covid-19 vaccine... now lets just say his shares are worth a lot lot more!

#PatrickVallance #covid19 #lockdown
superman: I think you have hit the nail on the head there 😆
burp: (•_•)