Good morning all from the beautiful Angel Heosphoros, or "dawn-bringer".
Buenos días de parte del hermoso ángel Heosphoros, o "portador del amanecer".
I'll just change my name and photo, I don't have nothing to hide, at this time.
Looks like I messed up and should not have used my name, anything else a newbie needs to know ?
Iam Mikee: yeah the fbi, cia, other countries agencies and probably the admin here are monitoring and recording your activity. I would delete your account and re-register anonymously. Otherwise your speech cannot be Free.
dkthered: Mikee.... They monitor the internet. I've said very wild things on Facebook and Instagram. I'm sure I'm in a dictionary's worth of lists. When we reclaim speech, it can de-escalate tensions by a lot.
First day on a new platform, what do I need to know about utterz ?
dkthered: It seems to be cleaner than Toko and Xephula. Xephula has a couple more features but Utterz definitely wins in being less cluttered and very functional.