Merry Boxing day everyone!
I ate: Sickly chocolate from Christmas hampers
Why does Boris Johnson think we want to watch his ugly mug on tv all the time especially on Christmas eve? I bet he will start demanding every house hold hang up his portrait on a wall next like they do in North Korea. Just piss off already you narcistic retard!

#BorisJohnson #brexit
Matt Hancock is a total liar. He lied yesterday in parliament about the new "strain" of covid19 by making out that covid19 will now spread more rapidly because of it. BUT he has zero scientific evidence to back this up... Let me say this again he has no proof whatsoever!!!! He is basically using this new strain as propaganda to scare people into complying with covid19 restrictions.

#Matthancock #plandemic #covid19
During #lockdown you find out who your real friends are...nobody. 😕