Boris Johnson you scumbag you maggot, you cheap lousy faggot!

Its just been announced by Boris Johnson that we now have a tier 4 with even more lovely restrictions to add to peoples suffering just before Christmas 😊 I think to celebrate we should all give each other a nice big hug 🤗

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I don't know why anyone listens to Professor Chris Whitty he is not a doctor, scientist or anything like that he is just a Marxist using the pandemic to take away all of our freedoms and push for a China style system.

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When you go outside you don't see anyone about and everything is closed... So how on earth is it still spreading? Oh that's right in hospitals! The truth is that the elderly and most vulnerable go to hospital end up getting covid19 and die because the NHS is crap!

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bert: yep!
superman: The NHS are evil. they love deciding who loves and who dies and are more bothered about themselves than saving lives.
I just want to say...Professor Chris Whitty is a pile of shit!

Boris Johnson planned for a no deal Brexit all along. He does not care how much damage a no deal Brexit does. He is a globalist and has seized on Brexit as an opportunity to make himself rich and powerful. Nobody voted for Boris Johnsons "Global Britain"... This is actually the complete opposite of why people voted to leave the EU. Boris Johnson basically plans to sell the UK off to the highest bidder and fill his pockets with bribes. He is a repulsive pile of shit! #Brexit #BorisJohnson
superman: Boris Johnson is the most corrupt prime minister in history.
bert: Indeed. The Tories don't care about the damage that this will do to small UK businesses because they thrive on inequality. They would love to bring back the feudal system.
JamEs: I wanna smash his boggy eyed face in.
That vile pig called Boris Johnson is on the news again this time trying to get some reflective glory from the covid19 vaccine rollout that is happening today...😣

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confused: Its just one big scam. The Pfizer vaccine has not been tested on the the most vulnerable and its effects will be very minimal so the government will force us all to social distance and all the other wretched restrictions that are causing so much harm. Other vaccines and treatments are not getting the attention/funding/support that they deserve by the government either because we have crooks suck as Patrick Vallance the chief scientific advisor who has huge shares in vaccine companies currently being funded by the government.
JamEs: I think Boris Johnson should be put in self isolation forever!
If you are not coping living under the "new" normal... ignore the government guidelines and restrictions! Don't let the government tell you what to do and how to live YOUR life. 🤗

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confused: Good advice. The effects of lockdown and restrictions is enough to kill people. The government have absolutely no right to do this to everyone especially for so long.
burp: ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ
Stalin would be so so proud of Boris Johnson! Killing thousands of his own citizens, controlling everyone's lives with restrictions, arresting protestors for protesting against his government but allowing other protests such as Black lives matters protests to go ahead, picking and choosing who should live or die or who's businesses is and isn't "viable", wasting billions of tax payer money on fake contracts given out to his "VIP" mates... and the list goes on...

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proffessorshitty: That's what happens when you have a weak democracy and allow corrupt MPS to take over.
Something really fishy is going on... How can peoples still be getting covid19. Life has not been normal for months now and people are not socializing, you only have to go out and see how everything is shut and nobody is out and about to see that. So how can people still be getting the virus??? It just doesn't make any sense. I'm really starting to think that the government is fiddling the numbers to make everyone super scared and to control everyone.

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