Chris Whitty is not a scientist he is a MARXIST professor who has infiltrated our government.

Never in history has the whole country had to lockdown for a whole year like this before.... not even when there were even worse pandemics with ALOT more deadlier viruses. These fake "scientists" who are actually just Marxist professors have took over our democracy and are using scientism to justify all of their decisions and we cannot even questions them or else we are simply conspiracy theorists. We have lost our democracy and freedom.

#covid19 #endlockdown
Worst Christmas ever. Thanks Boris Johnson you prat!

#boris #prat
Looks as though the fat twat has got his sham Brexit deal through.

The miserable scientists are at it again giving their doom and gloom "prophesies" on the news. Why cant they just all shut up with their useless opinions even just for a couple of days and let everyone enjoy Christmas without having to think about covid19 killing everyone.
It goes to show that these scientists and professors are just pathetic LOSERS!!! 🤪

Depression is a disease that slowly tortures people to death. It is unrelenting and no amount of hand washing or social distancing can stop it. These so called scientists and doctors are not trying to save lives they are ruining lives!

I hope Professor Chris Whitty gets what he deserves. PIG!

JamEs: 🔪
talkingcat: He will probably be given a knighthood for serves to sadism
Its beggars belief that the NHS is focusing everything on Covid-19 and acting as though no other illnesses exist. Covid-19 only kills 0.1% of people who get it... there are far more serious illnesses out there which are ALOT more deadly but the NHS cancelling treatment and pushing non covid19 patients under the bus. #NHS #RUBBISH
JamEs: a fake and a fraud
knowmalarkey: COVID-19 is 99% Survivable! ( the flu pandemic of 1918-1919. That pandemic was the deadliest in the 20th century; it infected about 500 million people and killed 50 million, including 675,000 in the United States. ) You can "Duck-Duck-Go" it if you don't believe me.
This pandemic has shows how little the NHS and the government think about peoples mental health.

JamEs: NHS staff made sure that they were first in line for the vaccine tho.. you gotta give them credit for that because im sure it is really hard to be that selfish all day everyday especially when you see so many vulnerable people dying in front of you.
Boris Johnson is not my prime minister and I will not recognize his authority or the laws he imposes.