What is the point of getting vaccinated if we are in lockdown or have covid restrictions? Doesn't make any sense at all to me. By the time we are out of lockdown or they ease the restrictions they will be telling us all to get vaccinated AGAIN and will then impose more restrictions and lockdowns to force us into getting another jab... and so the never ending pandemic continues! #Covid #Lockdown #Plandemic #Crazy
I think during this third lockdown it would be good for national morale if we all could take turns punching Boris Johnson and Chris Whitty in the faces πŸ‘

#BorisJohnson #ChrisWhitty #EVIL
We are now on our third lockdown and the virus is still out there, in fact we are in a worst position than we were back in march! Lockdown and restrictions are obviously not working.
Boris Johnson is the worst prime minister in history.
Happy new year.. hope it is a millions times better than 2020

Great we now have a Brexit deal and can finally leave the EU.. trouble is Boris Johnson is far far worse than any leader in BRUSSLES! Now nothing will stop Boris Johnson locking up protestors, restricting our movements and who we socialize with, shutting down businesses and murdering innocent people.. Oh wait he's already doing that.

#brexit #BorisJohnson #dictator
They are talking about a THIRD lockdown after Christmas in the new year. LOL what a great way to start the new year.... With the supposed rise in cases you could argue that the lockdowns and the restrictions are NOT working and it's time for a new strategy otherwise we will never get our freedom back...or maybe that's what the government actually wantsπŸ€”

#lockdown #endlockdown #Covid19 #Communists
I bet if aliens landed on this pathetic planet the scientists would probably tell them to self isolate for 2 weeks too... but obvs the aliens wouldn't put up with that and simply zap them all with their laser guns and fly off πŸ’€------πŸ”«πŸ‘½

#lockdown #covid19
#Tories are not conservatives and they are against a free market. They only believe in cronyism and they wont let freedom, liberty or democracy get in their way!
toriescum: They all need throwing in jail
Don't trust Trustpilot it's a sham website! I have stopped writing reviews on trustpilot because so many of my reviews have magically disappeared on it without any warning. The fact is that trustpilot removes negative reviews for company's that pay them...that's trustpilots business model, it is as simple as that.

#scam #trustpilot #review
ming: I had 3 different reviews that I wrote on trustpilot deleted. No explanation given. It is a crappy website designed for companies to fake creditability.
proffessorshitty: It works the other way around too you know. My business has had real genuine customer reviews deleted because they were positive and we don't have a business account with them. I actually wish the customers wrote the reviews on my actual site instead as that would have more benefited us more SEO wise. Trustpilot is just far too much hassle than its worth and they are just scammers using their platform to extort money from businesses that don't want a bad trustpilot rating.
talkingcat: Yep happened to me too. better off writing a review here on utterz there is no way it will get removed by a company then HAHA
agentorange: Trustpilot is a really crappy website πŸ’© The vast majority of positive reviews are written by bots and most of the real genuine reviews that are negative are removed.