Defund the world health organization and lock up the officials for treason!

knowmalarkey: I think that the C.D.C., and the W.H.O. are evil. Do they even have any checks and balances to make certain that they are on the up-&-up-and NOT over-reaching their authority? We have seen how shameless the C.D.C. is! The Centers for Disease Control requiring babies and children to wear a mask (COVID-19 is 99.9% survivable for children-plus they recover more quickly from COVID-19) The world has gone to HELL. It really SUCKS!
JamEs: @knowmalarkey Exactly. When the WHO officials went to China to cover everything up they were acting like Chinese communist officials when they refused to answer any questions from journalists it was quite revealing to see that happen on tv. Now that Putin is restoring the Soviet Union I have no doubt that these officials from these so called health agencies were in fact communist agents.