It is good news that abortions in America are going to get banned. No longer will men hating lesbians be able to demonically sacrifice babies in some conservative states in America. At least some conservatives are fighting for what's right. You will not get that here in the UK our so called conservative party are all for abortion, gay, trans, Islamic.. you name it rights :/
Don't like how the news is covering monkeypox everyday... I don't care if 20 gay people have contracted monekypox today. Its is very gross reporting on STD's especially during dinner time.
Demented Joe Biden is trying to make everyone worried about Monkeypox... what a an evil little man he is. Peoples mental health has been wrecked by the governments coercive control over the covid pandemic and now they are throwing another virus at us to control us even more. The only people who need to be worried about monkeypox are homosexuals and very dirty people. #monkeypox #JoeBiden #Demoncrats
Africa is literally a cesspit. Frist it was HIV/AIDS now people in Africa are getting monkeypox. Just leave the poor monkeys alone you weird race of backwards people. #Africa #MonkeyPox #BLM
BBC and channel 4 still doing stupid social distancing on their programs. These far left extremist tv channels are so stuuuupid keeping up this lockdown fa├žade just like what they are doing in communist china.
So Boris Johnson is preparing to relax immigration rules for migrants coming from India... essentially opening the floodgates to them so he can have a stupid one sided free trade deal with them. Since Brexit immigration has gone UP not down. The tory party are doing the complete opposite of what voters wanted. Our country is eroding away. Now when you drive through just about any city centre you will have a hard time seeing any white British faces. Boris Johnson is destroying this country and needs to be removed. #Tories #India #Immigration #Brexit #Conservatives
The Chechenia muslim scum fighters that Putin is using to murder innocent civilians need to be wiped out. I don't care how much tax payer money goes towards paying for the missiles to blow these evil cowards up just give Ukraine what they need. The UK spent billions on worthless covid apps that did not even work... so why can't the government spend billions to help fund defence to stop a genocide which will be far more beneficial?? I would much rather my tax payer money got towards that than covid crap.

The Chechenia muslim fighters are just as bad as ISIS and are using the invasion in Ukraine to inflict a genocide upon white people in Ukraine. #Ukraine #Genocide #Chechenia
As the Ukrainian soldiers take back towns and cities that were invaded by Russian soldiers they are discovering weird satanic symbols and 666 scrawled everywhere. I was shocked to see this on the news but it is no surprise really because what they are doing in Ukraine is sickening and pure evil so of course they are Satanists and will probably be with the devil in hell soon enough if they stay in Ukraine because Russia is losing. Putin you are an evil loser!!! #Russia #Ukraine #WAR
In my eyes bombing the largest nuclear power plant in Europe is an act of war against Europe and NATO. If it blows up then the nuclear fallout would be the same as Putin detonating a nuclear bomb in Europe and attacking Nato countries. #Putin #Russia #Ukraine