AT the church I go to the ministers actually help fill out immigration forms for illegal immigrants.. mostly Muslims who claim they are Christian and then after a few months probably after their claim is accepted you never see them again. Is this right? The Anglican church network is currently holding a big conference in Africa at the moment.. probably to bring in more immigrants. Why are they so determined to destroy the uk? Its not like they do any preaching to English people. Literally if you are white and not born in a Christian household the Anglican church does not care at all about you.. they will do ZERO outreach to the demographic.. but if you are black or Muslim then you deserve to hear the gospel. The gospel is for everyone of all races but at the moment its only being preached to groups that the liberals can virtue signal about.
dkthered: What the heck!?!?!?!
dkthered: I read a verse the other month... I'll try and find it. About God telling Israelites to not have foreigners lead over them.
It seems Chatgpt is a real crackpot commie! This is what it came up with as a solution for when AI take over and take everyone's jobs

"One solution could be a basic income system, where everyone is given a set amount of money to cover their basic needs. This would ensure that everyone has access to food, shelter, and healthcare, regardless of their job status. It would also give people the freedom to pursue their passions and interests, without the fear of being unemployed.

Another solution could be a shift towards a more collaborative and cooperative society. Instead of focusing on individual success, we could work together to achieve common goals and solve global issues. This would require a change in mindset, but it could lead to a more harmonious and equitable world.

We need to be proactive in our approach, and think about how we can use technology to benefit everyone, not just the few. Let's work together to build a world that is fair, just, and sustainable for all."
JamEs: In my opinion this suggests that Chatgpt has been trained with a lot of far left propaganda by the developers.
Happy good Friday and Easter!
Iv not been on utterz for a while now. Instead is back online. SO I have been using that instead which is a lot better with more people active on it. Annoyingly they had to wipe the servers and start from scratch so you will need to create your account again. But it is a good one.
Why are white people being blamed for black police murdering someone? Its really boggles the mind how much the far left will twist things just to hate white people and blame them for all the worlds problems. So there is no murder or even any crime whatsoever in Africa then according to the far left????
I'm not American so I don't know too much about American politicians but it struck me as weird to see a republican George De Santos dress up as a drag queen and go to pride marches in 2005? Who is George De Santos? IS he significant or just a leftie infiltrator?
Yup still waiting for a delivery from UPS yet again. In my honest opinion UPS is the worst delivery service around.. and that is saying something considering royal mail is always striking nowadays! If I have the option I always avoid using them but when wholesalers insist on using them UPS make sure they don't disappoint you with their absolute shocking service. Always extremely slow to deliver and in one instance they charged me for someone else's customs charges and it took me a couple of months to finally get my money back from them.
It would seem that the BBC is even more communist than the Chinese communist party. Last night on the main news they did a really loooong boring news report that basically critiqued the chinses communist party for lifting covid mandates. I don't know why on earth they think we are bothered about what going on in china anyway... but any excuse for BBC to rant about having covid lockdowns etc I guess...

In the report like usual they brought on a bunch of unknown quack scientists saying that millions of people will now die in China because of the lifting of restrictions and all that other fake bullshit covid statistics and models. The world has moved on BBC you covid obsessed control freaks.

Its time we got rid of this Marxist crap broadcaster that we as tax payers are FORCED to fund. We do not live in North Korea and must have a state funded propaganda channel. So you bunch of fake journalists and commies go get a real job low life scum. #BBC
What's up buttercup: They have been putting some absolute garbage on tv for Christmas this year.
dkthered: The WEF is probably the one behind it being worse than the CCP.
Now paramedics are going on strikes and WONT be attending call outs for people having STROKES... because that's not life threatening enough. These strikes are out of hand.
JamEs: I really wish I was joking. sad sad situation we find ourselves in now.
dkthered: Wtf??? Idk if it's just cos I'm online all the time, but society seems close to falling completely apart.
I say ban all unions. The union commie scum are grinding the UK to a halt with all these strikes. RMT union boss Mike Lynch who started it all was photographed when the Ukraine war broke out supporting Putin posing in "soviet union" gear and now he is destroying our rail infrastructure and locking down the country yet again.

Currently my online business is being killed off by royal mail strikes too. The disruption to the postage service at a time when small businesses are trying to recover from lockdown (another commie project) means many small businesses wont be able to delver their goods this Christmas thanks to these communists who are not bothered about getting a pay rise because they keep rejecting pay offers of 9% instead they just want to take down our economy so we get back to buying Russian oil and gas so Putin can carry on killing white eastern European people. #Commies #Scumbags
Alien boy: Trade unions were started by Carl Marx. If only we could create a time machine go back in time and kill Carl Marx then a lot of the world problems would be solved including mass murder of millions of people worldwide.
dkthered: There is so much to scrap. I don't see neocons bothering to do it though.
JamEs: @dkthered Yes your right too many so called conservatives aren't conservatives at all. Our conservative party is basically a slightly slower paced far-left progressive party. Everything the opposition wants gets it eventually its only a matter of time just the tories first need to work out the best ways for them make money out of it. No principals or morals. Just atheist rat bags.