Jack Dorsey looks like a satanic hippie drug addict

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Twitter was going under a couple of years ago... nobody was using it and their share price was plummeting then Donald Trump made it popular again. Now they have banned him I really hope that twitter goes bust.

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Thought police in Portsmouth have fined someone for simply posting on social media saying that hospitals are that not that busy and even posted a video of a empty hospital.

This is what happens when your a nation of get walked on all over by communists.

yogurt: This makes me so angry. We are getting over run by communists, bureaucrats and thought police. Wars were fought in the good old days to stop crap like this from happening. WE HAVE LOST OUR FREEDOM!
dkthered: It's pretty damn sickening that the grifters bashed our guys, even if there might've been some Antifa. Wtf...
This pandemic shows that the liberal left really are not pro choice at all.

Home sectary Priti Patel AKA curry worshipping midget bitch was literally standing on a box yesterday during the press conference saying how she is going to ramp up police patrols and crack down on rule breakers... meanwhile real crime is soaring because the police are more bothered about arresting people sitting on park benches or talking to people outside their household than actually fighting real crime.

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Don't let Satan and these communists win!
Seems like there is an unlimited supply of communist professors out there. Someone should find a way to close the demonic portal which they are all coming out of pronto!

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Lockdown is bad for peoples health and will cause more deaths than covid19 in the long run.
Even just exposing the whole country to stress will cause more deaths. Stress is far worse for your body than smoking because it mutates and destroys cells everywhere in your body! Prolonged Stress is one of the main causes of chronic depression , mental health problems and physical health problems such as heart problems and strokes. Locking up the entire country is causing a lot of prolonged stress on a lot of people. This will have a huge impact upon peoples health and cause ALOT of deaths. The government are basically torturing everyone to DEATH!

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yapyap: 🤮
At a time when so many have lost their jobs the police are fining people left right and centre. For example in the news a few days ago 2 women got fined £200 each for driving 5 miles to a beauty spot to go for a walk together to get their daily exercise. Yesterday health secretary Matt HanCOCK said during the daily press briefing that they will be cracking down on with even tougher enforcement measures to make sure people stick to the rules... the Tories really are not conservative or even believe in democracy. They are just a bunch of jumped up Eton boy authoritarians who have more in common with the Chinese communist party.

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