Give us back our freedom and stop treating us all like caged animals. I now stare out my window and see birds flying about and its like they have more freedom than I do. It is gotten to such a point now for me that if civil war did break out I know exactly what side id be fighting on. #endlockdown
S Cubed: The end is near. Here in Texas, I went out to eat at a sit down restaurant and their sign had changed from Masks Required to Masks Recommended. I wore no mask and nobody said anything about it. We are getting back to "normal".
Freedom Fighter: @samanthasullivan I am really glad that in texas they are respecting peoples freedoms more and things are getting back to normal. I wish I lived in texas. Where I live even though only 1000 or so people are in the entire country are hospital with covid and more people commit suicide than die of covid we are still living under huge restrictions 😲