The world health organization should be renamed to the world communist organization. According to the WHO it is very unlikely that the covid19 came from a lab in Wuhan even if that lab was experimenting on coronavirus at the time and history of leaking the SARS virus years before because China says it didn't so that's all the scientific evidence the WHO needs.

#Covid19 #WHO #COVERUP
dog: Liberal science = Not based upon facts but your opinions and what suits your agenda best
What's up buttercup: Any fool can see covid19 is a biological weapon that China let out the bag to distract the world from them taking over Hong Kong.. And all these old fart Marxist professors and scientists have jumped at the chance of pushing us into complying their communist new normal too. I say we need to punish China with crippling sanctions and deport all these Marxist scientists and professors to china where they can enjoy real communism in one of their forced labour camps.