A woman got arrested for sitting on a park bench yesterday! LOL

#PoliceState #Endlockdown #Covid19
Chris Whitty does not want this pandemic to end. As a Marxist he loves the power and control that he now has over everyone's lives.

#ShittyWhitty #Communist #Marxist
Happy new year everyone hopefully this year will be a lot better than 2020.. but I'm not holding my breathe because Boris Johnson is still in power 😑
LOL how pathetic. On the news Boris Johnson has now got a personal photographer photographing him at his desk doing the Brexit deal. What a retard.

So it turns out Boris Johnsons Brexit deal is a complete sham just like he is. He has basically sold out our entire financial service sector. This is going to be absolutely devastating to our economy 😧

#brexit #BorisJohnson #IDIOT
Its just been announced by Boris Johnson that we now have a tier 4 with even more lovely restrictions to add to peoples suffering just before Christmas 😊 I think to celebrate we should all give each other a nice big hug 🤗

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I wish there was a vaccine you could take that makes you immune from Chris Whitty and Patrick Vallance so you don't ever have to see those two weasels ever again!

#chriswhitty #PatrickVallance
yapyap: There is a vaccine its called a gun 🔫 but you don't use it on yourself.
Boris Johnson cannot even get Brexit right. He is pathetic.

#BorisJohnson #Brexit
talkingcat: We literally have a tramp for a Prime Minister. He is a scruffy embarrassment.