A woman got arrested for sitting on a park bench yesterday! LOL

#PoliceState #Endlockdown #Covid19
Chris Whitty does not want this pandemic to end. As a Marxist he loves the power and control that he now has over everyone's lives.

#ShittyWhitty #Communist #Marxist
Happy new year everyone hopefully this year will be a lot better than 2020.. but I'm not holding my breathe because Boris Johnson is still in power 😑
LOL how pathetic. On the news Boris Johnson has now got a personal photographer photographing him at his desk doing the Brexit deal. What a retard.

So it turns out Boris Johnsons Brexit deal is a complete sham just like he is. He has basically sold out our entire financial service sector. This is going to be absolutely devastating to our economy 😧

#brexit #BorisJohnson #IDIOT
Its just been announced by Boris Johnson that we now have a tier 4 with even more lovely restrictions to add to peoples suffering just before Christmas 😊 I think to celebrate we should all give each other a nice big hug 🤗

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I wish there was a vaccine you could take that makes you immune from Chris Whitty and Patrick Vallance so you don't ever have to see those two weasels ever again!

#chriswhitty #PatrickVallance
yapyap: There is a vaccine its called a gun 🔫 but you don't use it on yourself.
Boris Johnson cannot even get Brexit right. He is pathetic.

#BorisJohnson #Brexit
talkingcat: We literally have a tramp for a Prime Minister. He is a scruffy embarrassment.
Don't buy from it is a scam website! I bought a watch from them a couple a weeks ago and it never arrived! It is almost impossible to get in touch with customer services either and once you do they just fob you off with excuses so you can never get your money back. I guess that's £50 down the drain for me then! #scammers #review
agentorange: I have heard some real horror stories about people buying from and then the next day their credit card details are being used in China to buy things. Something is really dodgy about that site and I wouldn't touch it with a barge pole.
yogurt: That site is just filled with cheap Chinese tat and counterfeits.