Chief medical officer Professor Chris Whitty the FUGLY ball sack head is doing the round on tv again trying to scare everyone into having mental breakdown. He needs locking up or at least firing because he is obviously CRAP at his job if this so called pandemic is still going on 2 years later. #ChrisWhitty #Covid #Fakenews
The government should stop treating us all like babies and start serving us like they were elected to do! It is like a never ending merry go around all these covid variants, restrictions and lockdowns. It is evident that lockdowns and restrictions do not work if the so called "scientists" are to be believed and we are right back at the start again and need more. It is time to allow herd immunity to kick in just like with all other viruses. We cannot live our lives like this especially not to fight against a benign virus that is getting even more benign!

All I can say is remember how the politicians have treated you come the next election and vote accordingly.

#Covid #Lockdown #Plandemic
Lots of death and destruction in Kentucky but Joe Biden doesn't care at all. I saw no real emotion from him when he was talking about the tragedy. He is more bothered about keeping the plandemic rolling on than he is about real problems.
Black lives matter is a black supremacist communist cult that needs to be banned ASAP. It is dangerous and not about equality at all. Basically they want to take over the world black it up and take all the white men's possessions and make white men the slaves. If someone is a member of a white supremist group in the UK they are they get put in PRISON.. but its okay the other way around??? #BLM #CULT #Culture
Whilst Boris Johnson lockdown the country last year he was having parties at number 10!!!🤬 Literally you cannot make this shit up... it is ludicrous that he is still prime minister.
Boris Johnson WILL be introducing vaccine passports to get into venues now as well as a whole host of other restrictions. The government says it is to stop the spread of the Omnicom variant.. but we all know what it really is about its about them grabbing back control of our lives. There is no reason for more covid restrictions at all. The government are using FAKE science from frauds such as Professor Neil Fergusson who blatantly lies and makes stuff up whilst ignores other scientists such as the ones from SOUTH AFRICA where the omnicom variant was first found who say that there isn't anything to worry about because it causes milder symptoms than that of other covid variants! #Lockdown #Resitrctions #Omnicron #Covid19
JamEs: Before we know it we will be in another lockdown.
According to doctors in South Africa the new omicron covid variant is more "mild" with people getting tiredness not even a cough from this variant.
Lockdowns break up herd immunity for viruses. All they do is buy more time for yet another wave later on. Lockdowns are not good at all for fighting viruses. It is a stupid strategy and definitely not a long term one.
Fauci is not ruling "anything" out including lockdowns because of the new omicron covid variant nobody even knows anything about or have any real scientific data on yet. He is speaking as though he is now the president of America. He should be locked up for MULTIPLE things such as lying to congress and funding the Wuhan lab that created covid not trolling everyone on the news. Hopefully this old dwarf will die of old age soon enough. #Fauci #Covid #Lockdown
That's the last time I am buying from ebay. Bought 3 things ages ago form ebay and not one thing has arrived. Its true what they say that 1 in 3 items being sold on ebay are fakes or a scam of some sort! I think its mostly down to most of the sellers on ebay now are just Chinese scammers shipping their cheap tat from china.. the bosses at ebay maybe not bothered at the moment but the more people who get ripped off the more people who wont buy from them so I guess there is a silver lining there lol! #Ebay #Scam