Leaked text messages have revealed that Boris Johnson tried to make money through a corrupt deal he tried setting up with Billionaire James Dyson at start of Covid pandemic. But because James Dyson didn't trust him and wanted to do things more legit and not in secret Boris decided to scrap the plans because he knew he couldn't financially gain from the deal otherwise. This was despite Dyson having factories ready to make much needed ventilators immediately to help save peoples lives. So Boris Johnson is a corrupt loser who is trying to make money through dodgy deals whilst the rest of us suffer, lose our jobs and sanity thanks to government imposed lock downs and restrictions. #BorisJohnson #Corrupt #Tories #Dictator #plandemic #Endlockdown
Freedom Fighter: Sounds about right to me.
The chancellors budget just announced that free money to selected people will be extended further till September. Also apparently the government isn't concerned about borrowing money at almost 100% of GDP because they are saying they are borrowing from themselves... in other words they aren't bothered about printing money and devaluing currency after all what's the point of money when you live in a communist country.

#communists #budget #politics
Now after ruining the country Boris Johnson plans on extending the furlough scheme (free money to selected people) and will get the rest of us who have been having to work hard all year to pay for it all through higher taxes which are set to be announced very soon in the next budget. #borisjohnson #communist #unfair
Freedom Fighter: After murdering 120, 000+ people his approval rating is one of the worst in the world so he has to buy peoples votes with tax payers money.
Bingo Wings: Getting people dependent on the state is the first rule of communism.
farce: So first they close down millions of peoples businesses and now they plan on taxing the rest out of business. Nope this isn't how you stop a recession this is how you start one. The government are trying to get rid of all the private sector and free enterprise so they can control everything. Things are getting serious now and these commies need stopping by force if needed.
Boris Johnson is a Marxist authoritarian. He takes away all our freedoms, ruins our businesses and locks up protestors.

#boris #commie
Boris Johnson sucks: He wants vaccine he can control us better.
Boris Johnson sucks: Free money for some higher taxes for others.
Boris Johnson sucks: We aren't even allowed to chose what type of car we can buy... by 2030 only electric cars allowed.
Boris Johnson sucks: up to £10, 000 fine for breaking social distancing rules.. 10 years in jail if you break travel restrictions.
What's up buttercup: The UK have never had a real conservative party only corrupt self serving Tories with zero integrity, morals or values.
Boris Johnson should be given an Oscar for his acting He tricked a lot of people pretending to be a libertarian but as soon as he got in power he showed his true colours as the complete and utter opposite an authoritarian!

#borisjohnson #authoritarian
Boris Johnson AKA Jinping's puppet is contemplating vaccine passports. We are seemingly edging closer and closer to a Chinese style social credit system. We need to stop this before its too late.

#Covid19 #VaccinePassports #Borisjohnson #China
Boris Johnson isn't just a communist he is an authoritarian communist! I imagine that he has put posters up of Chinese president xi Jinping all other number 10. I cannot believe everybody got fooled by his bumbling fool routine and voted him in.
#borisJohnson #communist
talkingcat: He used Brexit to trick everyone into voting for him. Before brexit he was actually writing articles about how bad brexit would be. Now we dont have what people voted for we have Boris Johnsons version of brexit... a globalist version.
What is the point of having an immune system if your not even allowed to use it?

Lockdown makes the virus WORSE! It creates a super virus. Think about it for a second. Whilst most of the young people with healthy immune systems are locked up the virus is still bubbling away and is mutating and learning more and more about the human immune system and how to evade it... but because we are all locked down our immune systems are not evolving and learning about the virus so we will be utterly defenceless against it. The government are trying to create a super virus through lockdown one which doesn't just kill old people with poor immune systems but young people with healthy ones too. We need to fight back both against the virus and the government!

#covid19 #endlockdown
agentorange: They are trying to replace peoples immune systems with artificial vaccines and crap. Big pharma want you to be hooked on their drugs for life.
Boris Johnsons is not a conservative. Thanks to his government by 2030 we will not even be able to choose what type of car we can buy. Petrol and diesel cars will be banned and we will be only allowed to buy electric cars. I have no doubt that Boris Johnson's dad Stanley Johnson who is an old communist fart who still campaigns in his 80s for more government regulation to stop climate change helped influence this decision.