Boris Johnson should be given an Oscar for his acting He tricked a lot of people pretending to be a libertarian but as soon as he got in power he showed his true colours as the complete and utter opposite an authoritarian!

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Boris Johnson AKA Jinping's puppet is contemplating vaccine passports. We are seemingly edging closer and closer to a Chinese style social credit system. We need to stop this before its too late.

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Boris Johnson isn't just a communist he is an authoritarian communist! I imagine that he has put posters up of Chinese president xi Jinping all other number 10. I cannot believe everybody got fooled by his bumbling fool routine and voted him in.
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talkingcat: He used Brexit to trick everyone into voting for him. Before brexit he was actually writing articles about how bad brexit would be. Now we dont have what people voted for we have Boris Johnsons version of brexit... a globalist version.
What is the point of having an immune system if your not even allowed to use it?

Lockdown makes the virus WORSE! It creates a super virus. Think about it for a second. Whilst most of the young people with healthy immune systems are locked up the virus is still bubbling away and is mutating and learning more and more about the human immune system and how to evade it... but because we are all locked down our immune systems are not evolving and learning about the virus so we will be utterly defenceless against it. The government are trying to create a super virus through lockdown one which doesn't just kill old people with poor immune systems but young people with healthy ones too. We need to fight back both against the virus and the government!

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agentorange: They are trying to replace peoples immune systems with artificial vaccines and crap. Big pharma want you to be hooked on their drugs for life.
Boris Johnsons is not a conservative. Thanks to his government by 2030 we will not even be able to choose what type of car we can buy. Petrol and diesel cars will be banned and we will be only allowed to buy electric cars. I have no doubt that Boris Johnson's dad Stanley Johnson who is an old communist fart who still campaigns in his 80s for more government regulation to stop climate change helped influence this decision.

Whilst everyone is losing everything during lock down because of Boris Johnsons dreadful leadership... Boris at the expense of the tax payer has took a leaf out of Obamas book and decided to hire 3 personal photographers to help boost his own PR by taking naff pictures of him doing Prime Minister stuff like pretending to be on the phone to people and bugging people at hospitals. I don't know why he think anyone would want to see more of his repulsive ugly face.

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What's up buttercup: worst prime minister in history. I don't know to laugh at him or cry because he has cost the lives of over 115 000 people and counting.
agentorange: Yep he is one big fat liar. Who scammed everyone with a fake Brexit to get in power. He has zero morals or anything so I very much doubt he will step down after this pandemic no matter how many people die. In fact this is evidence that he is trying to lie and trick the public into liking him again so he can stay in.
Nobody voted for Boris Johnsons globalist version of Brexit. He is a liar and a corrupt scumbag. He is the worst Prime Minister in history and should resign immediately because everyone left or right want him gone he has absolutely zero supporters left.

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talkingcat: An Eton boy prat
Bingo Wings: The blubbering fool cannot even speak properly let alone run the country.
Boris Johnson is just Tony Blair in a fat suit.

dog: Here here! Nobody voted for Boris Johnson's globalist version of Brexit., He is a rat bag opportunist who used Brexit to get into power and now he is destroying the country.
Boris Johnson and his pet hindu Priti Patel have fined and locked THOUSANDS of protesters during this plandemic. We have lost the small bit of democracy and freedom that we had and we need to fight to get it back.

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dog: 🤪
What's up buttercup: Boris Johnson is biggest liar and fraud ever